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                                                                                                                                                                                                         advanced technology solutions
The technological palette
that defies convention
This is a specialised division at Protec. This dedicated department is designed to enhance all live event experiences with the latest and most innovative technologies that include robotics, live visual effects, artificial intelligence and motion tracking.
This department invents new solutions and uses existing technology imaginatively to support our clients’ creative ideas. As a result of our strong collaboration with our clients as well as our own creative zest, we exceed in converting these ideas into reality. These are exciting times in our industry’s development and we are proud to introduce and drive this new phase forward.
Protec’s clients, now have a dedicated Advanced Technology department to utilise, providing them with a much larger technological palette when developing events for this region. Protec ensures that all our clients’ knowledge and creativity is fully supported by our latest technology and highly qualified personnel.
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