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                                                                                                                                                                                                         design & graphics solutions
Communicating ideas
with quality visuals
Protec provides a full design support service – from conceptual design, fabrication and production to on-site buildup and breakdown. We are highly accomplished at creating sophisticated visuals of scenic sets and venues as well as animations. If you have an idea in mind or need help developing it, our Maya, Adobe and Autodesk specialists will help you bring your idea to life.
If you would like to use 3D projection mapping, but are unsure of the outcome, Protec can print your set design as a 3D model, allowing you to pre-visualise, test and literally get a hands on approach to your event.
We have a thorough knowledge of the technologies available within this industry and use them innovatively within our designs, allowing us to take your event to a new level and experience, that you may not have imagined possible.
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