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 Agenda Highlights
Day 1 | Thursday, June 20th
7:30 am 8:30
8:40 8:50 9:00 9:10
10:10 10:30
12:45 pm
3:00 3:20
4:20 4:30
Coffee & Pastries
Dean Madeleine Landrieu
Loyola New Orleans School of Law
Introduction to NOPD
Superintendent Shaun Ferguson
Emcee Welcome
Dr. Joel Dvoskin
History of NOPD’s EPIC Peer Intervention Program
Deputy Chief Paul Noel
KEYNOTE: Passive And Active Bystanders and Preventing Unnecessary Harm
Dr. Ervin Staub
University of Massachusetts
Panel Discussion:
The Three Legs of the EPIC Stool: Preventing Mistakes, Preventing Misconduct, Promoting Officer Health/Wellness
Facilitated Workshop:
Policing and Peer Intervention
Lunch and Keynote Speaker
U.S. District Court Judge Susie Morgan
Panel Discussion:
Peer Intervention: Active Bystandership and The Non-Officer Perspective
Panel Discussion:
NOPD’s Implementation of EPIC: Lessons Learned
Wrap Up Discussion Adjourn
   5. | National Police Peer Intervention Executive Leadership and Training Conference

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