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 Sheppard Mullin’s 2018 Eye on Privacy Year in Review
As we begin 2019, it is instructive to look back at the cases and trends from 2018, many of which we anticipate will repeat in the coming year. The following pages contain all the articles from our Eye on Privacy blog ( posted in 2018. From cases about biometrics and targeting to activities by the SEC, 2018 was a busy year in privacy.
Europe’s GDPR went into effect, and several cases were brought in the latter half of 2018. Data breach litigation continued to be an active area, and many US states released updates to their breach notification laws. Some US states also joined the growing ranks of jurisdictions with data security laws; while regulators spent much time and effort bringing privacy and security related cases.
We anticipate 2019 will be a busy year for data breaches, GDPR, and as companies prepare for the new California Consumer Privacy Act (effective January 2020). We also expect to see more in the biometrics and targeting space, as well as continued enforcement in the US by the FTC, SEC, as well as by regulators across the EU. We hope you find this compilation helpful as you move forward with your 2019 privacy efforts.
Sheppard Mullin Privacy & Cybersecurity Team
Our group includes some of the most respected lawyers in the privacy space, including a former U.S. Department of Homeland Security deputy general counsel, a lawyer who literally “wrote the book” on data breach, award-winning privacy class action litigation practitioners, and leading EU-based data protection experts. Our accolades include being highly ranked by Legal 500 USA (Cyber Law) and Legal 500 Europe (EU Data Protection), and we were one of only 25 firms ranked in the inaugural ATL Top Law Firm Privacy Practice Index.
Nearly every facet of a company’s operations—from internal employment practices to online operations, data collection, and customer contact—is subject to a complex array of legal and business challenges related to privacy. Our team recognizes that companies need practical advice from experienced counsel who thoroughly understand privacy law. We partner with clients to help them extract value from the data they collect, while identifying and addressing regulatory compliance requirements, and ensuring that data is appropriately protected.
Our lawyers have experience responding to high-profile data breaches and the regulatory investigations, Congressional oversight, and litigation that often follow such incidents. In addition, as data becomes more entwined with the enterprise value of businesses, we conduct data and privacy compliance due diligence in connection with mergers and acquisitions and other corporate and strategic transactions.
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