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Volunteers the backbone

                    A Publication of
                                            of our community

                    750 Hespeler Road
                  Cambridge, ON N3H 5L8
               Tel: 519-622-2221  Fax: 519-622-0177   Welcome to summer, the most wonder-  group of willing participants who have
          ful time of the year. Oh wait, isn’t that  great stories to share that hopefully
                 Executive Committee        a phrase used at another time of year?  will inspire us all.

                   Nicole Pereira - Chair   Please, let’s not think of about that
                  Cambridge Centre Honda
         right now because we have warmth, sun  Statistics show that 47% of Canadians
                Stephen Witteveen - Past Chair
                    Pavey Law LLP           and family time to enjoy. Let’s hope it  volunteer every year. That figure repre-
                   Terry Kratz - Treasurer
            Hemmerich, Flanagan, Kratz, McRae & Wilson LLP  sticks around for a little while anyway.  sents about half of us, selflessly giving
                  Muuray Smith - Executive                                         our time, energy and personal commit-
                  The Achievement Centre
                 Darren Drouillard - Executive   Now that you’re smiling and in a posi-  ment to doing good for others. Even
                Powerline Logistics Services Inc.
                                            tive frame of mind, why not talk about  if these volunteer jobs paid minimum
                                            what a great community we have, and  wage, it would total $28 billion in time

                     Directors              why we have such a great community.  spent by Canadians. Imagine if our
                Kristen Danson - MitoGraphics Inc   If you follow social media, you will see  charities  and  non-profit  organizations
              Mike Doersam - Vision Travel Solutions  it  is  filled  with  photos  and  videos  of  had to pay for that work how much less
                Rena Hawkins - H-4 Logistics Inc
                 Sarah Hughes - Energy+ Inc.  people having a great time at outdoor  would be given to making our commu-
               Dr. John Tibbits - Conestoga College  events; from barbecues to golf tour-  nities a better place to live, work and
                Jason Warmington - Hallink RSB
                   Peter Voss - Shimco      naments, from carnivals                          play?
                                            to bike, run and walking
                       Staff                vents, and most of them                          Annually, many volunteers
                Greg Durocher - President & CEO
         for a really great cause.                   contribute 156 hours each a
          Scott Bridger - V.P. Membership Services and Engagement                            month, or roughly 21 work-
            Brandi Sinclair  - Business Development Manager  It seems regardless of          ing days. That translates
         Lisa Durocher - V.P. Marketing, Events and Member Enrichment
             Melissa Davidson -Event Enrichment Manager  where you turn, there               into nearly a month of full-
             Gaby Gomez - Member Enrichment Advocate
                Brian Rodnick - Communications  seems to be something                        time work, with some of-
              Wendy Meecham- Relationship Manager  happening  somewhere                      ten giving up their holiday
            Jeanette Mahoney - Visitor Services Supervisor
              Donna Gravelle - Physician Recruitment   in our community. We all              time to engage in volunteer
                                            know how these things happen, but  work. Thankfully, many larger compa-
                                            sometimes we don’t really think about  nies are now offering paid time for giv-
          Spectrum is published four times per year by the Cambridge
         Chamber of Commerce and distributed to all Chamber members.   how these events inspire the need for  ing back by allowing their employees,
        Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors and
        do not necessarily reflect the policy of the Cambridge Chamber of   many of us to volunteer and give up our  in some cases up to five hours a month
        Commerce, Spectrum, its publishers or employees. The Chamber
         cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions that may
        occur in this publication. The sale of advertising space in Spectrum   own time so others can benefit. In every  of company time, to volunteer for their
        does not constitute endorsement by the Chamber. Spectrum reserves
               the right to edit any material submitted.  single case,  these  volunteers  are in  it  favourite charity or organization.
                                            for the ‘big prize’ which is self-satisfac-
                      Find us on:
                                            tion, and really, have an appreciation of  Approximately 93% of all volunteers
          Cambridge Chamber  the fact they feel blessed with health,  say the primary reason they volunteer
           of Commerce
                                            prosperity or well-being, and just want  is to contribute to their communities. I
                                            to give back.                          know (because of these statistics) I’m
          Cambridge Chamber   cambridge_chamber                                    probably preaching to the converted,
           of Commerce
                                            We really hope you enjoy this edition of  but it is worthy to note that volunteer-
           Design & Layout    Printed by:   SPECTRUM featuring six stories about  ing gives you a warm feeling that you’ve
                                            some incredible volunteers in our com-  been part of something; that you’ve giv-
                                            munity. It is not difficult to find volun-  en your heart, soul and body to a cause  teers, there are literally thousands of  which is probably the most you can
                                            them. However, we ‘magically’ found a  give. I’ve often said it is much easier to

         Summer 2019
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