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write a cheque than give up a day or evening and that it’s
       far easier to drop off a donation than to drop in and work
       a little. But we all know that nothing of significance can be
       gained if we don’t have volunteers.

       We believe in that. In fact, we realized several years ago
       there was really nothing of significance set up to celebrate
       and recognize the dedicated people and organizations that
       do so much to make Cambridge the kind of community we
       all want. So, we jumped at the opportunity to have a spe-
       cial night set aside every year to celebrate these wonderful
       volunteers and the organizations they are passionate about.
       Therefore, once again this fall, we will take to the stage at
       the Hamilton Family Theatre and toot the horns to celebrate        Cambridge & North Dumfries
       the  work  of  these  volunteers  and  the  organizations  they          Community Awards
       help at our Annual Community Awards.
                                                                     The program recognizes the achievements of the
       Statistically, there are about 60,000 to 70,000 thousand peo-  Not-for-Profits, Charities and Services Groups in our
       ple in our community who give their time for great causes     communities of Cambridge and North Dumfries. The
       to make Cambridge a better place to run a business, raise a   Chamber important to acknowledge, recognize and
       family and play your hardest. We are all very lucky to live in   appreciate in a tangible way the efforts that all the
       this caring community and are asking you to nominate your     volunteers  and  the  Not-for-Profits,  Charities  and
       favourite volunteer, organization or events, so we can have   Services Groups who make our city and town such a
       an opportunity to recognize them the way they should be       great place and such a great community.
                                                                     •   Best Corporate/Not-For Profit Partnership
       Watch for our emails and social media posts because we’ll     •   Best Marketing Campaign
       be asking you to send in a nomination or two, or buy a ticket   •   Best Event of the Year
       to the event and celebrate all that makes Cambridge a car-    •   Group Volunteer Award
       ing community. Enjoy your summer, get some rest because       •   Board Member Award
       we’re all back to business in the fall. Let’s make it the best   •   Volunteer of the Year
       summer yet!                                                   •   Youth Volunteer of the Year:
                                                                     •   Not-For-Profit - Under 10 Employees
       Greg Durocher                                                 •   Not-For-Profit - 11 Employees and Over
       Cambridge Chamber of Commerce
                                                                          Submission Deadline: September 1, 2019
                                                                          for more category information and criteria.

                                                                                            Contact Valerie for more information
                                                                                            519-622-7777 | 1-800-294-0656
                                                                                            15-1425 Bishop Street, Cambridge, ON N1R 6J9
                                                                                            TICO#50023975                                                                                  7
                                                                                                             Summer 2019
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