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Members in the News

      Cambridge’s Eclipse Automation acquires                  at its headquarters on Maple Grove Road in Cambridge, in
      Stratford firm                                           July.
      Eclipse Automation, a Cambridge-based firm specializing
      in custom automation equipment, has acquired a Stratford   Registered as a private career college by the provincial
                                                               Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, it's one of the
      company.                                                 only accredited driving schools operated by a transportation
                                                               company in the country.
      Founded in 1992, D&D Automation Inc. specializes in control
      systems for such things as robotics, industrial machinery, and   Designed to provide a driver possessing a regular G-class li-
      manufacturing lines. It employs 52 people.               cence and no truck experience with the knowledge and skills
                                                               to earn the AZ licence required for tractor trailers, the acad-
      "The D&D acquisition allows us to have a division that is   emy will build upon the training programs that Challenger is
      truly focused on EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construc-  already known for, said Steve Newton, the company's director
      tion Management) controls engineering and we look forward   of safety.
      to new opportunities that will expand and strengthen our
      market offering," Eclipse president and chief executive officer   "We've been doing driver development for a long time,"
      Steve Mai said in a news release.                        he said. "We saw it as a fit that we could expand on the
                                                               strengths we already have."
      Eclipse's equipment is used in sectors ranging from life
      sciences and transportation to energy and electronics. The   Challenger already provides varying levels of training to all
      company employs about 500 people in Canada and the       licensed drivers new to the company. The two programs of-
      United States.                                           fered by the new academy will provide either the minimum
                                                               103.5 hours of mandatory entry-level training required by the
      Challenger Motor Freight in Cambridge                    province for drivers desiring an AZ licence or an extended
      launches its own training academy                        200-hour course with additional programming.

      Challenger Motor Freight will welcome the first students to
      the new Challenger Transportation Training Academy, located

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