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                                                               Just imagine what things were like in an office environment
                                                               60 years ago!  No computers, no fax machines, no cellphones.
                                                               People used the telephone a lot more and met in person to
                                                               conduct business.  Information was processed on paper us-
                                                               ing typewriters.

                                                               The way that we do business has been revolutionized and
                                                               impacted by technology as it has been in all other industries;
                                                               we have diversified the way in which we communicate with
                                                               our clients.  We are very fortunate to have three generations
                                                               of the same families as clients and we are very grateful for
                                                               this opportunity.

                                                               While things change over time, the one thing that has not
                                                               changed is our customer’s experience.  Uppermost in how
                                                               we do our work is making sure that every client receives one
      Forbes Insurance is 60 years young
      This year Forbes Insurance celebrates their 60th year in busi-  on one personal service. This is no different than it was 60
      ness! Sixty years of serving the community and providing   years ago and it is something we work very hard to maintain
      insurance services to their many clients.                because it is the foundation of our business. We can express
                                                               it all in two simple words, thank you!
                                                               Written by Kathryn Forbes, Forbes Insurance
      It all began back in 1959 when Alexander (Sandy) Forbes
      bought an existing insurance agency in downtown Cambridge   Cowan Insurance Group Names Children’s
      (Preston) and so Forbes Insurance was ‘born’.  Sandy emigrat-  Mental Health Ontario (CMHO) as 2019
      ed from Scotland after the Second World War after complet-
      ing his role as a Ferry Command pilot delivering planes to   Charity of Choice
      many destinations for the Royal Air Force.               Cowan Insurance Group, a leading Canadian insurance bro-
                                                               kerage and consulting firm, announced today that Children’s

                                                                                                             Summer 2019
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