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NEW FOR 2016!                 Cooperative Learning
                                   Team Building

BC-3 - The Bolder Challenge is a wildly entertaining
game for 2-8 players! Run fast to gather bean bags

  each worth a different amount of points: 5, 10, or 15.
       The farther you run the more the bean bag is
       worth. But wait! You only have a limited amount of
        time to gather your bean bags! Which first?
        Strategy and Teamwork are needed to win!
        Includes: Activity Guide, 4 Rope Markers, Timer,
        14 Bean Bags (7 Red / 7 Green) and a Storage

          Watch at:

                                        SC-1 - The Square Challenge

                                   Communication, Communication,
                               and more Communication is needed for

                                this fun packed Teamwork Challenge.
                                 The challenge is to form a rope into a

                                    perfect square or other shape......

                               4 - 8 players take part. The dynamics of
                              Communication and Teamwork take over!
                              Also includes 7 additional Team Building

                                         Activities with Blindfolds.

                                Set includes 60 foot rope, 8 blindfolds,
                                       instruction-activity guide and
                                        storage bag. Ages 6 - Adult

                                         Watch at:

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