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NEW FOR 2016!                               Cooperative Learning
                                                 Team Building

BB-4 - Ball Bridge                                      Watch at:

Working with your teammate, create a
“Ball Bridge” using just rope. Communicate
and work together to balance and roll the
ball between the ropes. Advance to walking
and hitting the target.

Set includes 4 ten
foot ropes bridges, 4
plastic balls, 4 Target
Rings, an instruction-
activity guide and
storage bag.
Ages 6 - Adult

2 - 8 Players

                                       BH-30 - Ball Hunt
                                       Trust, communication and teamwork are
                                       more important than ever in Ball Hunt.
                                       Trying to get your bearings is difficult if you’re
                                       blindfolded and trying to walk around balls
                                       while searching for your specific colored
                                       ball. What’s just as difficult: trying to guide
                                       your blindfolded teammate(s)!

                                                                             Set Includes:
                                                                             30 Colored Balls,
                                                                             4 Corner Markers,
                                                                             4 Blindfolds,
                                                                             Guide, and Storage
                                                                             Bag. Ages: 6 & Up
                                                                             2 - 6 Players

                     Watch at:

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