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NEW FOR 2016!                               Cooperative Learning
                                                 Team Building

DD-6 - Don’t Drop The Ball  Is a fast paced Team Building Game. Teams
                            must simply toss the beach balls from one
                            teammate to the next with one foot always in
                            their ring.....Be careful “Don’t Drop the Ball”
                            Communication, Risk Taking, Concentration
                            & Teamwork equal success.

                            Set Includes:

                            6 Beach Balls, 12

                            base rings, an


                            Guide, and Storage

                            Bag. Ages: 6 & Up

                            6 - 24 Players        Watch at:


                            IB-18 - Island Ball High intensity, Fast Action
                            Team Building Game - Three Games in One!

                             #1 Each team is challenged to gather balls
                             from the other teams, one at a time and no
                             guarding. #2 Each team designates one
                             member as the “catcher”, while the other
                            members gather and throw balls back to their
                            base. #3 Each team designates a “catcher”
                            and a “relay”. Other members gather and
                            throw to the “relay” who throws to the
                            “catcher”. Strategy and team work lead to

                            Includes: 6 Ring Bases, 18 Plastic Softballs,
                            Activity-Instruction Guide for all 3 games and
                            other variations. Ages: 6 & Up 8 - 30 Players

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