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          Giving truly matters

          Prazak Continues to Give to Mission                               Ways you can give

                                        Donor giving truly matters and helps     Cash
                                        our staff to carry out OCHS’ crucial
                                        mission. For the past 28 years, Dr.      Cash gifts are the most common chari-
                                        Barbara Prazak has championed access     table gifts. They are simple to make and
                                        to healthcare on the Outer and Lower     serve as a charitable tax deduction for
                                        Cape. As OCHS’ medical director since    annual support. Donors who give $1,000
                                                                                 or more to the unrestricted Annual Fund
                                        2011, she has seen remarkable growth     are automatically enrolled in our Rising
                                        and change, overseeing medical staff     Tide Leadership Giving Society.
                                        recruitment, training and protocols,
                                        in addition to seeing patients as a
                                        primary care physician. Dr. Prazak       Stocks & Securities
                                        has set an outstanding standard for      By making a gift of appreciated securities,
                                        quality care and dedication to the       the donor avoids all capital gains taxes
                                        local communities served by OCHS,        and may use the full value of the gift as
                                        including the addition of a Harwich      a tax deduction. For information on how
          Health Center. Her passion and desire to give back to her communities   to make a stock gift, please contact the
          has not gone unnoticed.                                                Development Office at 508-905-2850.
          In her new OCHS role commencing May 1, 2017, Dr. Prazak will relinquish
          her administrative medical oversight duties and focus on direct care   Other gifts & assets
          for her patient base in Wellfleet while also playing a clinical leadership   A donation of other appreciable assets,
          role in OCHS’ plans to expand and upgrade its Wellfleet and Harwich    such as real estate, art or other personal
          health centers.                                                        property offers similar tax advantages.

          “Giving back is so important to me on many levels,” shares Dr. Prazak. “I   Anchor Endowment
          am looking forward to this opportunity of helping OCHS with its goal
          of expanding our Wellfleet and Harwich Port centers to better serve    Planned Giving Society
          our patients and community. My new OCHS role allows me look to the     The Society offers estate planning options
          future in a way that supports my personal goals and interests while    that include:
          also satisfying my passion for improving access to quality healthcare.”    •  Bequests: Minimize estate taxes by
                                                                                    leaving a gift to OCHS in your will.
                                                                                 •  Charitable Remainder Trusts: Individually
                                       “Access to quality healthcare                managed trusts that establish a gift to
                                                                                    OCHS and provide you income for life
                                       is essential. Healthcare                     or a term of years.
                                       organizations that place care             •  Charitable Lead Trusts: Allow you to
                                                                                    provide OCHS with a series of gifts for
                                       above profits, as does OCHS,                 life, or a fixed term of years.
                                       are deserving of our time,                •  IRA: Designate a planned gift by naming
                                                                                    OCHS as a beneficiary.
                                       energy and money. We can
                                                                                 •  Life Insurance Gifts: Name OCHS as
                                       all pitch in and do our part.                the owner and beneficiary of a new or
                                       Healthcare is a human right.”                existing life insurance policy.
                                       Byllye Avery                              If you have any questions about how to support
                                                                                 the Outer Cape Health Services mission to ensure
                                       Outgoing OCHS Board Member,               access to quality healthcare for all, please contact
                                       Donor and Development Volunteer           Karen Bissonnette, Chief Development Officer, at
                                                                        or (508) 905-2850.
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