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From Here…Go Anywhere.

               Thank you for your interest in the Murray State College Veterinary Technology Program.
               We  are  very  proud  of  the  program  and  the  exciting  opportunities  available  to  our

               Enclosed is information about the Veterinary Technology Program. Our graduates have
               numerous  career  options,  private  practice,  veterinary  clinical  laboratories,  non-profit
               organizations,  veterinary  supply  companies,  pharmaceutical  companies,  zoological
               parks, farm management, education, military & other governmental agencies.

               Applications  are  accepted  each  spring,  with  priority  given  to  those  received  before
               March 15 . Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions or if you
               would like to apply to the Veterinary Technology Program.  We look forward to hearing
               from you.


               Debbie Reed, BS, RVT                                      Laura Sandmann, BS, RVT
               Veterinary Technology                                     Veterinary Technology
               Program Chairman                                          Program Chairman
               One Murray Campus                                         One Murray Campus
               Tishomingo, OK  73460                                     Tishomingo, OK  73460
               580-387-7521                                              580-387-7522

                                       Murray State College – Tishomingo – Ardmore – Oklahoma
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