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In bronze memorial plaques, Gemini offers an unmatched combination of design flexibility, production capabilities and fast turnaround. From complete design freedom on size, shape, typestyles, borders, colors
and profiles, to advanced image creation, sculpted art and unique personalization capabilities, Gemini is equipped like no other to create timeless and extraordinary expressions of remembrance with quality that endures for generations.
Gemini donor trees are designed to tastefully display generous individual’s, families or company names that have donated their time or money to a specific project or cause. Donor tree trunks are custom cast bronze, crafted in our state of the art Iowa foundry, measuring 2” thick - and weighing over 70 pounds. Separate leaves are mounted to an impact resistant acrylic canopy, to capture individual contributor’s names. All leaves are hand crafted in various metals and finishes (brass, copper or nickel) to allow
for design variations, and future engraving. Donor trees are designed for interior applications and are provided with detailed installation instructions. Email for quote
As Shown
Trunk: 48”H x 45”W
Acrylic Tree Top: 42”H x 58”W Leaf: 1.5”H x 4”W
Overall Size: 63”H x 58”W (210 Leaves)
Alternate Acrylic Tree Top: 66”H x 47”W
(300 Leaves)

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