Page 6 - 2020 US Plaques, Etchings & Nameplates
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 Introducing high quality identification solutions from ID Plates by Gemini.
Gemini is excited to share our new even wider spectrum of plaque and plate capabilities, from one-off highly customized solutions to high quality, high quantity thin gauge solutions to fulfill all your customer’s Commercial, Decorative and Promotional needs.
With unmatched skill and experience in blank and decorated metal products; we offer innovative solutions in not only metal materials but with processes to meet the most stringent requirements. Review these images and suggested applica- tions and use them as inspiration to support your customer’s in new ways.
• Model Number Plates
• Rating Plates
• Serial Number Plates
• Machine Tags
• Property Tags
• VIN Plates
• Control/Instrument Panels
• Dials and Scales
• Warning Plates
• Valve Tags
• Bar Code Plates
• QR Code Plates

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