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Sending Digital Files
Quality vector art is preferred upon placing any request. Art fees may apply if additional design work is required.
Precision Tooled Plaques
• For most fonts, raised Capital letters should be .375” (approximately 40pt) high. Some fonts, however, can go as low as .25” (approximately 27pt) high, such as: Arial, Cambria, Georgia, Hel- vetica, Myriad, and Optima.
• Recessed letter sizes are dependent on the stroke width of the letter. Bold fonts are best suited for this task. All parts of the letter, including serifs if applicable, should be at least .03” thick.
• Kerning should allow for .03” of space between letters.
• Recessed areas in logos, seals or other line art should also be at least .03” wide.
• Condensing, thickening, or otherwise distorting the font may alter the required size.
Cast Plaques
• Raised letters:
o Serif fonts such as Times New Roman,
Garamond, or Goudy can be produced at .25” (approximately 27pt) high.
o San serif fonts such as Helvetica, Arial or Myriad can be produced at .2” (approximately 21pt) high.
• Recessed letters and any recessed detail inside logos, seals, or other line art requires a minimum stroke width of .0625”.
• Kerning should allow for .03” of space between letters.
• Condensing, thickening, or otherwise distorting the font may alter the required size.
Etched Plaques
• Recessed stroke limit for etching is .007” or .5pt. Raised strokes should be no thinner than .03” or 2.5pt.
• Recessed letters, in most cases, can be produced as small as .125” (approximately 13pt).
• Raised copy requirements vary depending on font. The minimum stroke width is .03” for all parts of the letter including serifs.
Accepted File Formats
• Vector Graphics should be saved as PDF, AI, or EPS. Artwork rendered in CorelDraw, Composer, or FlexiSign may be exported as vector PDF files. Archi-
tectural drawings rendered in CAD may require reworking since they are generally not compatible with art programs.
• Photos should be saved as either PSD, TIF, JPG or PNG. Any supplied image should look crisp, clear and be free of pixelization on your screen when
enlarged to the desired size on the final product.
1. Convert all fonts to “outlines” or “curves.”
2. Provide all photo files separately without edits or cropping. Gemini will perform all required photo edits.
3. If adding braille, please let us know what needs to be translated.
4. Provide us with specification details in either the email or artwork file.
5. Large files can be uploaded through our website by logging in and clicking “upload” artwork.

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