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                                     A MINISTRY OF NEW LIFE BIBLE CHURCH

                  Photos by New Life Christian Academy
               New Life Christian Academy remains one
          of the best kept secrets in Cumberland and Hoke
          Counties since 1997. It is a K2-12 academy and
          prep school that educates, and empowers young-
          sters of all races. “We have graduated hundreds
          of students who have experienced success in
          college, the business world, the military, and
          other  great  areas  of  life”,  stated  Dr. Allen
          McLauchlin,  pastor  of  New  Life  Bible
          Church. Today, it continues to be a beacon of
          light for students and families who seek a for-
          mula that helps strengthen their educational sta-
          tus. Eligible families can apply for full tuition.
          Visit:                                                                                                             Kindergarten"s Graduation
               While fellowships develop other ministries,
          Pastor Allen McLauchlin and Norma, his wife—                                                                                      past. It remains a solid foundation that is posi-
          both professional educators—felt drawn to the                                                                                     tioned to expand.  Currently, we have an en-
          area of education. At that time, there were a num-                                                                                rollment of about 130 students.
          ber of students who weren’t excelling in an aca-                                                                                       The McLauchlins began The Academy as
          demic setting. This was especially true when it                                                                                   a part of their church ministry more than two
          came to young Black students. So, they led the                                                                                    decades ago. Over the years, they have sus-
          congregation of New Life Bible Church in es-                                                                                      tained the support of numerous churches and
          tablishing New Life Christian Academy.                                                                                            other organizations in the community. Their fo-
                    New Life Bible Church was founded in                   Local Volleyball Girl Champions  and National Boys               cus has not wavered from what they wanted
          1982. After several years of growing pains, the                                Basketball Champs Div 4                            to accomplish with The Academy.
          church was established in its current location on                       l to r  Camryn Smith and Dahaun Jones                          Today, the time has come to expand that
          land donated by the McLauchlin family. From                  Call 910-868-9640 for more information                               vision to serve the community better. The Acad-
          there, New Life began to grow into a thriving                                                                                     emy has the physical ability and the structure
          ministry, and the church began to develop new    That partnership is built on the relationship between The Academy, the teachers, to serve a greater number of students, and help
          ministries.                                      and the parents as well as The Academy and the church. This interlocking part- those students who continue to fall through the
                    Even though New Life was growing as    nership helps to meet the needs of students in ways not available through tradi- cracks in the public-school systems.
          a ministry, there was still a need within the com-  tional methods.                                                                    The Academy has provided summer school
          munity that wasn’t addressed. After much prayer       One of the truths that we live by at The Academy is, ‘No one cares how classes, and distant learning classes, for high
          and planning, The New Life Christian Academy     much you know, until they know how much you care!’ This is key to the partner- school students from Cumberland, Hoke, and
          was established.                                 ship that sets The Academy apart from traditional schools. The student is at the Robeson Counties over the years. This has
                    In the beginning, the concept was to de-  center of the partnership. Each component of the partnership serves as a support- proven to be beneficial for students who wish
          velop students who would be prepared to face     wire that helps to keep them upright and moving in the right direction.          to enhance their academic skills, even if they do
          the world. To meet the challenge, The Academy         Another great asset to The Academy is the presence of strong Black men. not want to change schools.  Parents are also
          was instituted, in the original church building, on  Strong Black men are invited speakers and presenters. Their presence influences afforded the opportunity to enhance the aca-
          the foundation of education, home, family, and   the confidence of the students from K-2 to the 12  graders, and prep school demic growth of their children.
          church. It opened as the only K3-12 private Af-  students.                                                                              All of these academic enhancements are
          rican-American school in the region. Initially,       Contributing to that partnership have been these select leaders: Troy set in a spiritual environment. Students begin
          classes  were  held  in  the  National           McDuffie, Spring Lake Police Chief; Attorney Allen Rogers, Commissioners each  day  with  a  scripture,  prayer,  and  the
          Guard Armory for the first four months, because  Charles Evans and Glenn Adams. Other speakers include: Justice Cheri Beasley, Pledge  of Allegiance to  the American  and
          of construction delays.                          City Councilmen Larry Wright Sr. and Ted Mohn. Councilwoman Courtney Banks Christian flags.
                As it grew, new buildings were added. They  McLaughlin, Judge Ed Pone, Hoke County Sherriff Hubert Peterkin, Cumberland             New Life Academy should now become
          began focusing on the needs of the students who  County Sheriff Ennis Wright, the former FSU Chancellor Willis B. McLeod, one of the best-known academic institutions in
          were experiencing academic challenges, and       Adonis Sporty Jeralds and several more. We thank and also appreciate the un- this area. Many of its attributes can be traced
          those who were high achievers, and wanted to     wavering support of JJ Jones and the Fayetteville Press.                         to academics that dotted America more than a
          continue rising. From the onset, it was a matter           We also partnered with Carolina Bible College; this allowed students to century ago. A legacy built on par with that of
          of accepting the students where they were, then  take classes at the collegiate level, and provided college credit for students en- Laurinburg Institute. Not only should more par-
          steering them toward their goals. Many of the    gaged through this program. Several students are enrolled, in Fayetteville Tech- ents take advantage of this educational re-
          students came from public school systems.        nical Community College, earning college credits while in high school.           source, more of the community should provide
                Being on the border of Cumberland and                 Athletics is a valued part of The Academy. We have varsity level bas- support.
          Hoke counties, The Academy draws from both       ketball and volleyball. Our teams have a history of being quality competition.        Our student body consists of students from
          systems. ”We have been able to deal with their   The 2003, 2018, and 2020 varsity basketball teams won the National Champi- several denominations and many churches;
          situations through our more personal setting and  onship in their division. Our curriculum is approved by the state of North Caro- some attend having no church affiliation at all.
          techniques,” Dr. Allen McLauchlin stated. “Hun-  lina, and NCAA eligible. In addition to basketball and girls’ volleyball, there are Volunteers and contributions are always wel-
          dreds of students have gone through The Acad-    classes in golf; we are also organizing a track team. The Academy uses athletics comed.
          emy and moved on to successful lives.”           as a teaching tool. Students learn the mathematical applications involved in each
               Each day begins with prayer; we believe that  sport. Beyond the physical attributes, there are components of physics, calcu-      Our Motto: Not to lose one child to the
          if the day starts positive, it will stay positive and  lus, geometry, and trigonometry involved in each sport. Athletics also help de- world. We invite you to give us a try. And for
          end on a positive note. The depth of The Acad-   velop leadership and teamwork, and provide teachable moments not often those who wish to support, our cash app is:
          emy is in the structure. Unlike many traditional  found in the traditional classroom setting. From the varsity to intramural activi- $lovenewlife. You are also encouraged to call
          schools that are built around a strict curriculum,  ties, all are elements of The Academy Partnership.                            910.868.9640,             or          email:
          The Academy’s success is built on partnership.         As The Academy begins its 25  year, the future is brighter than its glorious
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