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                                                     Editorial / Opinion

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                            MASK UP and LEAD...........

               As our leaders discuss the direction of
          Fayetteville and its future council voting                                                                                                              The  Fayetteville  Press
          structure  many  issues  are  thrust  in  the                                                                                                                 Newspaper
          forefront and back rooms for discussion.                                                                   crisis  has  allowed  conversations         “Your  Community  Newspaper”
          Among the issues discussed are racial dis-                                                                 about  race.  Conversations  about
          parities; crime, storm and water drainage;                                                                 race that is often private with con-              P.O. Box 9166
          and Shaw Heights.  These are all relevant                                                                  fidants that we dare not own or re-          Fayetteville * NC 28311
          considerations in our decision to continue                                                                 peat in mixed company. Many also              (910) 323-3120 - Office
          with our single member districts or incor-                                                                 believe  an  at  large  race  is  an  ob-
          porate an at large system where some rep-                                                                  stacle because the at large candidate       E-mail:
          resentatives are representative of the en-                                                                 has to raise more money. This as-
          tire city.  All council members pledge to                                                                  sumes black candidates can’t raise             *Publisher - JJ Jones
          represent the entire city however their pri-                                                               money.  It’s  however  been  proven             *General Manager
          ority in a single member system must be                                                                    that  viable  candidates  can  raise            Chrystal M. Thomas
          their district. Having written about the sub-                 By Atty Allen W. Rogers                      money. Unfortunately money does
          ject previously I have listened as both sides                 (910) 433-0833                               not vote. Given the recent success               *Sales Manager
          have made passionate appeals for their po-                                                                 of Black candidates as seen in our                Dwight Brown
          sition.  In this article I will attempt to set                                                             Clerk of Court race merely having              *Editor - Jae McKrae
          forth my view of the points for each side       single district members have shown toward matters          a huge war chest does not guarantee
          with a hope that our citizens can be in-        like Shaw heights, rain and water drainage; and crime.     success at the polls.                         *Special Corespondent
                                                                                                                                                                    Queen Degraphenrei
          formed and demand leadership that is in-        However; their criticisms of the city’s handling of
          formed  as  well. We  need  leaders  whose      the post Floyd riots may have tainted their views to-           This is indeed a Statesman mo-                Staff Writer
          decisions reflect the legitimate interest of    ward any matters with racial implications and fos-         ment. Rep Floyd demonstrated this                  “JC” Hepner
          their supporters as well as the best inter-     tered distrust. Observations regarding storm water         in his efforts to bring millions to
          est of the city of Fayetteville.  These po-     drainage; crime and Shaw Heights while informative         our  community  only  to  anger  his             Bruce Carpenter
          sitions  need  not  be  mutually  exclusive.    are not new problems and might be viewed as simply         base and lose his seat in the House
          However as we witnessed with Rep Elmer          useful tools to disenfranchise. Their greatest argu-       of  Representatives.  Can  we  find           *Account Executives
          Floyd statesmanship can come with adverse       ment seems to be that the at large system provides         common ground?  Will the propo-                    Dr. Don Reid
          consequences; when your base abandons its       representation that’s exclusively for the good of the      nents  of  this  petition  modify  its             Chris Miller
          leader because his or her vote is for the       entire city and its use around our community in other      number and propose a smaller num-            ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul
          greater good of the entire community they       municipalities and around our state in comparable          ber of at large members. It appears               *Distribution
          serve rather than their specific section of     cities.                                                    that  the  council  could  vote  to               Michael Dykes
          the community served.                                                                                                                                       Nero B. Coleman
                                                               The opponents of a referendum believe that the        change its structure to 2 or 3 at large

               The proponents of the referendum for       motivation to change our current platform is predi-        members. Of course they would only               *Staff  Chaplain
                                                                                                                     do this if it satisfied the petitioners
          4 at large look to the current majority of      cated by their concerns of our current majority Black      so as the petition would be unnec-                       Bishop
          black registered voters to defend the sug-      council members. With our current composition of           essary because the desired change                Larry O. Wright
          gestion that a white candidate city wide has    7 out of 9 being Black the comment often heard is          would be made. In this very critical
          a greater chance of getting elected. A study    … this change was not desired prior to the black           moment let us mask up and become                              E-Mail:
          provided by the proponents depicts regis-       majority being elected. This simple fact cannot go         one as we have seen in this pandemic      
          tered Black voters at 55% and White vot-        unaddressed when we all know our history of racism         … and like never before compro-
          ers  at  only  44%. As  evidence  of  this      and ethnocentrism. To be partial to one’s own cul-         mise for the good of the city. Fear                Web-Site
          progress they look to the success of Black      ture  is  not  racist  its  ethnocentrism.  Often  when    and distrust undermine bold initia-
          Judges County wide who have been ex-            deadly tragedies occur we quietly ask the question         tives necessary to be the All Ameri-
          tremely successful in their judicial aspi-      was  the  suspect  black  or  white.  Both  blacks  and    can city Archie McMillan dreamt of.                   For
          rations at the polls. They also have been       whites instinctively ask the question somewhat hop-        If  not  now  when??    If  not  us  …          Subscriptions
          outspoken  about  the  lack  of  attention      ing it is not one of their culture. The George Floyd                                                             Call
                                                                                                                                                                     (910) 323-3120

                                                             9 Ways To Get Involved In Your Child’s Education

                                                                  School begins for traditional students Monday, August 23. Parental involvement is the number one thing a parent can do to
                                                        ensure the academic success of their child in the school environment.
                                                             Research shows that parent involvement can improve students’ behavior, attendance, and achievement.
                                                             Here are some tips on how to become more involved in your child’s education this school year:
                                                             1. Have a conversation with your child about school and share your expectations. Ask about their school day and find out how your
                                                        child feels about school.  Your child should know they have a responsibility in their education as well. Discuss your expectations about school and
                                                        how they should do their very best at all times. Teach them that failure is not an option.
                                                             2. Check over your child’s homework to see if they have an understanding of it. Establish a routine that consists of doing homework
                                                        in a quiet place. Homework is a practice of what the teacher has already taught. It should not take your child all night to complete homework.
                                                             3. Meet with your child’s teacher on a regular basis. This lets your child see that you will be in constant communication with the teacher
                                                        about grades and behavior. Do not wait until you receive the report card to speak with your child’s teacher. Communication should be consistent
                                                        and informative.
                                                             4. Attend all school events. Make it a priority to attend as many school events and parent nights. It is especially important to attend
                                                        curriculum night and parent nights that discuss what your child is learning and you will also learn strategies that you can use with your child at home
            By Dr. Shanessa Fenner, Principal when they do their homework.
                                                             5. Read with your child every night. Take turns reading a book with your child. Ask your child questions about the story. Discuss
                                                        vocabulary words that are unfamiliar.
                                                             6. Keep TV to a minimum. Limit the amount of TV your child watches. They should have a balance of doing their schoolwork, playing,
                                                        watching TV, and participating in extracurricular activities.
                                                             7. Make meaningful connections with what they are learning. If they are learning measurement in math try a recipe at home making
                                                        cookies. If they are learning basic addition and subtraction, buy a bag of their favorite candy and have them to model simple addition and
                                                        subtraction problems.
                                                             8. Expose your child.  Exposure is very key in a child’s life.  They need to learn and grow in all areas. You want them to be well-rounded
                                                        individuals in society. Take trips to museums, the movies, fairs, exhibits, carnivals, festivals, and other educational places.
                                                             9. Celebrate your child’s successes. Acknowledge and celebrate your child’s successes. Let them know how proud you are of them and
                                                        instill in them that lifelong learning is essential.
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