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Page 10                                                                                                                The Fayetteville Press July/August 2018 Edition

                                                    Eye On Our Community

                                         HOW TO APPLY FOR                                                                         DISCOUNTS

                           SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS                                                                                        Your Source For Lower

                                                                           the third step on the ladder for  a hearing before an                  Insurance Rates.
                                                                           SSA   Administrative Law Judge.  About 80% of the
                                                                           Reconsideration appeals are denied in North Carolina      Find out about our money-saving discounts on auto and
                                                                           so I always advise my clients not to get discouraged if        homeowners insurance. Call me...Stop by...
                                                                           denied at Reconsideration  and to appeal to the Admin-
                                                                           istrative Law Judge level.                                              Log on-it’s your choice!
                                                                                The SSA  Judge is not bound by the two earlier                      Herbert L. Townes
                                                                           denials and will make a new decision on your claim.    (910) 487-4663  *  8175 Cliffdale Road, Fay., NC 28314
                                                                           The Judge’s hearings are held in Fayetteville and are
                                                                           closed to the public. The Judges, who are uniformly   
                   By Atty. Pittman Dickey (910) 484-8195                  polite,   want to hear the  person’s description of his
                                                                           symptoms and how that condition affects his  ability to
                What happens when you get sick or injured and can’t work?  work.   The Judge does not expect the person to re-
           You could be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits, SSI dis-  member the dates of his or her medical appointments
           ability benefits, Medicaid, or Medicare.  Or you could be turned down  as those records will be in the claim file.  I tell my cli-
           because of the complexity of the system.      This column will de-  ents that when they are testifying before the Judge to
           scribe  what   Social Security Disability   are payable to people who  mentally replace the Judge’s black robe with a white
           are unable to work.   A person may  qualify  for  Social Security  doctor  jacket  and  imagine  they  are  describing  their
           disability benefits if he  has  medical or mental health impairments  medical condition to a new doctor.   The Judge then
           that can be expected  to last at least a year which   not only prevent  makes a new decision based upon the claimant’s testi-
           the person from being able to perform the work that he  has done in  mony  in the hearing, and the medical and vocational
           the past, but also prevents him from being able to do any other type  records in the claim file .   In my thirty years of experi-  Nelia Tolliver  Herbert L. Townes  Kharissa Federick
           of full time work.                                              ence, unless the person’s claim is approved at this ini-  Office Manager   Senior Account Agent  Customer Service
                 There is an  application process to  be followed to apply for  tial step most claimants will end up with a hearing be-                                        Manager
           SSA disability benefits.  You can  file an application   by going on line  fore an Administrative Law Judge    which can result in
           at .  You can  go to the SSA District Office at 145  a favorable decision.
           Rowan  Street,  Fayetteville  NC  and  request  the  paper  application  If  you  have  questions  about  SSA  disability
           forms.  You can set an appointment to have someone at the local  benefits,  you  can  contact  Pitt  Dickey  at  910  484
           office help you complete the forms either  in person or by telephone  8195  or    I  have  handled
           appointment.  If you are comfortable with a computer, filing on line is  Social  Security  disability  cases  in  eastern  North
           preferable as it speeds up  the application process.            Carolina for over thirty years with the law firm of
                The SSA forms ask for your name, age, address, employment  Smith,  Dickey,  &  Dempster,  PA,  315  Person
           history, medications, where you have been treated for your health  Street,  Fayetteville  NC  28302.    Let  me  know  if  I
           problems, and a brief description of your health problems, treatments,  can help you with your claim. There is no charge
           and symptoms.   Once these documents are filed, your claim will be  for an initial consultation and no fee unless we are
           assigned to the Disability Determination Section (DDS)   in Raleigh,  successful  in  obtaining  disability  benefits  for  our
           NC.  A  Disability Agent will be assigned to your case to gather your  client.                                          Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies,
           medical information and ultimately make a decision as to whether                                                                    Columbus, OH 43215-2220  MISC14 11/00
           you qualify for disability benefits.   It is crucial that you cooperate
           with the Disability Agent as that person decides at the first two ad-
           ministrative steps  whether your claim is approved or denied.
                The job of the Disability Agent is very similar to that of an
           insurance adjuster in an automobile accident claim. It is extremely  The Law Office of P.E. Makia
           important for the claimant to cooperate with his Disability Agent as
           the Agent has the power to approve or deny your  claim.   The Dis-
           ability Agent gathers your medical information and sends your medi-
           cal records and claim file  to be evaluated by a State Agency Medi-
           cal provider such as a medical doctor, a psychiatrist or psychologist
           in the event of mental health issues.  You do not actually meet with
           the State Agency medical  experts, they review the electronic  claim                                                                                                Find
           file that the Disability Agent has assembled in your case.  The State
           Agency experts prepare reports  in which they review your medical
           records and issue an opinion as to whether the claimant is  able in                                                                                            A-Friend
           their opinion to perform full time work.
                 In addition to the State Agency medical experts, the Disability
           Agent may send you to be personally examined by a medical doctor,                                                                                                 For  over  a  de-
           psychiatrist, or psychologist. This is called a Consultive Evaluation                                                                                        cade,  our  Find-A-
                                                                                                                                                                        Friend  Program  has
           which is paid for by the SSA.    It is very important that the claimant                                                                                      been  located  in  the
           cooperate and go to these exams.   The medical expert will then                                                                                              former  Lions  Civic
           prepare a written report on the results of the exam which will be
           forwarded to the Disability Agent.    Once all this information has                                                                                          Building  at  725  W.
           been received, the Disability Agent will evaluate it and make a deci-                                                                                        Rowan  Street  near
           sion as to whether the claimant meets the SSA’s requirements for         Attorney Pauline Makia                         Marsellis George                     Fayetteville.  But  this
           disability benefits.  A copy of this decision will be mailed to the claimant  “Protecting Your Legal Rights”      Interpreter Legal & Medical                year,  we  are  proud  to
           advising him whether his claim has been denied or approved.                                                              Spanish/English
                The easiest way to visualize how the disability process works                                                      Se hablaEspanol                      announce a new initia-
           after the Disability Agent issues his written decision is to think of a                                                                                      tive  to  bring  the  be-
                                                                                                                                                                        loved  youth  program
           step ladder.  The SSA tends to deny claims at the first two steps on  General Practice Including                                                             back  to  Whitfield  St.
           the ladder.    The first step is called the initial decision.  If the claim                                                                                  where  it  all  began  so
           is denied at the initial decision,   you  have 60 days to appeal to the
           second step called the Reconsideration. If the person does not ap-                *Auto Accidents                                                            many  years  ago.  We
           peal within the time allotted, the claim is closed and the person will                                                                                       are  currently  seeking
                                                                                                                                                                        funding  for  the  pro-
           have to file a new application.  It is very important not to let the time                                                                                    spective    building
           to appeal lapse.  As long as the initial decision is appealed on time, a                *Immigration                                                         which, if realized, will
           new Disability Agent will be assigned to review your application at
           the Reconsideration step of the process.   If denied at the Reconsid-                     Traffic Tickets                                                    be  located  across  the
           eration step, you will get a letter allowing you 60 days to appeal to                                                                                        Fayetteville  Urban
                                                                                                                                                                        Ministry home office at
                                                                                                   Personal Injuries                                                    701 Whitfield St. The
                                                                                                                                                                        task is daunting, but we
                     SOCIAL  SECURITY                                              (910) 672-0060 - Office                                                              have  already  begun
                                                                                                                                                                        There is still much to be
                                                                                                                                                                        done and we thank all
                             GOT COURT?                                                                                                                                 those  who  have  been
                        DISABILITY CLAIMS                                                             New Location:                                                     so  kind  to  donate  to

                             When the doctor says                                             1318 Ramsey Street                                                        this initiative.
                                                                                                                                                                             If you would like
                                 you can't work,                                                                                                                        to learn more about this

                           put your attorney to work.                                            Fayetteville, NC 28301                                                 project  please  contact
                               Call 484-8195                                        (Across The street from Auto Supreme Car Wash)                                      our Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                                        Johnny Wilson or Find-
                              D. Pittman Dickey                                           Email:                                         A-Friend  Coordinator
                                                                                                                                                                        Shauna Hopkins.
           Smith,  Dickey,  Dempster,  Carpenter, Harris & Jordan  P.A.                                                                                                      Johnny Wilson
                                                                                                                                                                             (910) 483-5944
                309 - 315  Person Street * Fayetteville, NC  28301
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