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The Fayetteville Press July/August 2018  Edition                                                                                       Page 3

                                      NCNAACP BLASTS GOP LEGISLATURE’S


                                                                                                                           Hill School of Law.
                 By Cash Michaels Contributing writer                                                                             Beatty had appeared before three different legisla-
           The president of the NCNAACP is not pleased that a                                                              tive committees, and, sources say, was never negatively
      joint session of the Republican-led NC legislature, before                                                           reviewed once, never faced any opposition.
      it adjourned its Short Session on June 29 ,  rejected one of                                                                “This is yet another instance of Republicans work-
      Gov. Roy Cooper’s choices for a special Superior Court                                                               ing to inject partisan politics into our courts,’ said Ford
      seat without apparent reason.                                                                                        Porter, Gov. Cooper press spokesman, noting that GOP
             Former  Secretary  of  Crime  Control  and  Public                                                            lawmakers had no problem confirming Republican former
      Safety Bryan Beatty, an African-American, was the only one                                                           Gov. Pat McCrory’s staffer Andrew Heath as a Special
      of three candidates put before state lawmakers for their con-                                                        Superior Court judge before he left office.
      sideration that they rejected.                                                                                              Though he hadn’t see it at the time of the interview,
             The other two – Chief District Court Judge J. Stanley                                                         Dr. Spearman was also outraged by a poster, apparently cir-
      Carmical (white male); Chief District Court Judge Athena                                                             culated by Republican lawmakers on the last day of the
      Brooks (white female) were approved.                                                                                 Short Session, titled, “When Governors Ignore the Will
             Dr.  T.  Anthony  Spearman,  president  of  the                                                               of the People,” which pictured 12 judges and former judges
      NCNAACP, called the rejection without reason, “…quite                          Bryan Beatty                          -  three of them black - who were all appointed by NC
      blatant.”                                                                                                            Democratic governors: former state Supreme Court As-
             “I mean the measures to which these guys [GOP law- cations for the judicial seat, Beyond serving as           sociate Justice G. K. Butterfield (now a congressman);
      makers] are going now, and the things that they’re doing, is secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety, the       former NC Supreme Court Associate Justice James A.
      just an extension of the extreme things that are happening, Salisbury native also served as director of the State    Wynn, Jr. (now a US Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
      and how “45” [Pres. Trump] is just opening up things for Bureau of Investigation for a period, and a com-            judge); and Superior Court Judge Vince Rozier, who was
      people to do whatever they can do without any [remorse],” missioner on the North Carolina Utilities Com-             appointed by Gov. Cooper in 2017.
      Dr. Spearman continued.                                        mission.                                                     “The code words are usually that they ant the “best
             “I mean just outright in your face.”                           Beatty is a graduate of the State University   judges,” Dr. Spearman quipped in reaction.
             There was little question about Sec. Beatty’s qualifi- of New York at Stony Brook, and the UNC-Chapel                “And you know who the “best” are!”

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