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The Fayetteville Press July/August 2018 Edition                                                                                       Page 5

              Thanking you in advance for your support

             Pictured from left:  Dr. Brenda Winfrey-Knox, Principal, Ms. Tanisha Smith,
                Ms. Rio Shantyl Makinano, Ms. Wanda Black, Ms. Takechia Jackson,
                                       and Ms. Laurice Evans

       Dr. Janice M. Smith, Parent Facilitator
            T. C. Berrien teachers, parents, students and mentors demonstrated “ACT of K.I.N.D.ness”
       as they filled containers with change for the children of MALAWI.  The school embarked on the
       K.I.N.D. project with excitement after hearing about the lack of desk for the children to learn and
       do their school work on “The Last Word” from MSNBC Anchorman, Lawrence O’Donnell.  The                         Fayetetville, NC Mayor Mitch Colvin
       “donate your change” was a school-wide project that commenced on March 6, 2017 and culmi-     Judge Steve Stokes at Kappa Alpha Psi  Fraternity Man of The  Year Ceremony
       nated on April 6, 2018 with an outstanding balance of $504.90.  The “ACT of K.I.N.D.ness”
       donation will be forwarded to U.S. Fund for UNICEF to provide desks and college tuition for
       boys and girls in MALAWI.  The project was made a success because of the support of the T. C.  Congratulations to Cumberland County Judge Steve Stokes
       Berrien school children, parents, teachers and mentors and volunteers.  The school family extend  who was presented with the Kappa Man of the Year Award
       an overwhelming thanks to Dr. Brenda Winfrey-Knox, Principal of T.C. Berrien and Mrs. Karen
       Kollar, Assistant Principal was their overwhelming support of the school project.  The school  on June 23, 2018 by the Fayetteville /Fort Bragg Alumni
       family believe that for those of us who have so much and see the need should join together to make       Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
       a difference in the lives of other children around the world.

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