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Page 6                                                                                                                           The Fayetteville Press July/August 2018 Edition

                                                  Editorial / Opinion

           The Fayetteville Press Newspaper welcomes letters from its readers.  All letters must be signed and must include a home address and a daytime phone number.
                                                            All letters are subject to editing. We will not publish unsigned or pseudonymous letters.
                                        Mail or E-mail  your letters to: The Fayetteville Press Newspaper, P.O. Box 9166, Fayetteville NC 28311

               “We Must Become Our Priority “

           The current environment in our country is one where                                                    misses any real concern for our plight. Illegal
       the impact of oppression and discrimination upon African                                                   immigrants take jobs that could easily offer
       Americans is not a priority in our country as social priori-                                               opportunities for African Americans to be em-
       ties have shifted to the civil rights of the LGBT community                                                ployed and provide for their families. Histori-  The  Fayetteville  Press
       and illegal immigrants. This shift in priorities has occurred                                              cally they work in skill sets that we tradition-   Newspaper
       with little or no pushback from the Black community. We                                                    ally possessed. However; we stood silently  “Your  Community  Newspaper”
       have expanded our limited political power upon these is-                                                   as skilled vocational trades were removed
       sues as well. We have done this despite continuously find-                                                 from our schools in the 70s. The absence of      P.O. Box 9166
       ing ourselves at the very bottom of the political totem pole.                                              these programs had a direct and adverse im-  Fayetteville * NC 28311
           We celebrated the election of President Barack                                                         pact on Black families. Plumbers; Masons and
       Obama, and our activism gave way to our celebration of                                                     Carpenters offer skilled trades that could pro-  (910) 323-3120 - Office
       this great mile mark. His election served as a significant                                                 vide generational wealth. Without these pro-
       symbol of our progression as an oppressed people. As we            By Atty Allen W. Rogers                 grams, an increasing number of young Black  E-mail:
       evaluate our current issues within the backdrop of the “take            (910) 433-0833                     males graduate from high school with no skill  *Publisher - JJ Jones
       our country back” political culture. “ It is clear that racial                                             set and resort to illegal activities out of need
       injustices are not a priority in this administration. We must now like never before. Should we fail to do so and continue and desperation. The consequences of these  *General Manager
       become proactive in addressing the plight of African Ameri- along this path of political irrelevance, we are thus? Mandating decisions fuel a prison industry which is the  Chrystal M. Thomas
       cans today. We continue to be in the majority rate in areas that the legislative priorities of our society would continue to do largest in the world.
       such as crime; incarceration and police shootings. How- so as well, however, if you don’t vote your concerns and needs;  My Brother’s Keeper is a masonry  *Sales Manager
       ever, we find ourselves in the minority rate when it comes and wants don’t matter.                         program sponsored by Mr. Levi Underwood           Dwight Brown
       to wealth and income. While these realities are critical within  Elected officials representing minorities hardly receive any which provides 40 hours of instruction which
       the African American community, they have yet to become political contribution, especially when compared to those less affords a young person an opportunity to be-  *Editor - Jae McKrae
       a priority in America.                              inclined to prioritize minority values. We must give those gifts come an apprentice in Masonry. The plan was  *Staff  Writer -
           Representations which acknowledge any historical in and out if the season. They must be armed to serve. Failure first developed last year and saw nearly 20  Fred Whitted
       measure of cause and effect where blacks are concerned to provide that needed support creates increased challenges as young men in our community graduate and
       is a threat to the legacies of our cherished American an- they attempt to be our political voice. My friend and Represen- began a journey in a career that would not  *Photgrapher
       cestry. Therefore we must subject ourselves to a few tative Elmer Floyd often speak to the plight of being a spokes- only sustain them but had the potential for  Bruce Carpenter
       agreed-upon truths and minimize black truth in our history person for all of the people. Failing to invest in their indepen- building generational wealth. I applaud Mr.
       books.                                              dence and advocacy is tantamount to sending your kid to school Underwood for this program, and I hope that  *Account Executives
           The removal of race as a consideration in the college with no lunch money.                             we can assist in duplicating this program         Dr. Don Reid
       entry process speaks to this, and with the recently filled                                                 throughout this region in various vocational
       vacancy on our Supreme Court, we must prepare for con-  President Obama presidency prioritized the LGBT is- disciplines. The program is refreshing because  Thurgood “Mike” Flowers
       tinued disregard for Civil Rights. We are witnessing the sues.                                             each day we are all inundated with writers
       results of voter irresponsibility and the impact of the “tak-  “We are big and vast and diverse; a nation of people with and orators who have mastered the art of ar-  Chris Miller
       ing back of America.” When you consider the concept you different backgrounds and beliefs, different experiences and ticulating the problem. Brother Underwood
       also must find the political and social realities at that time. stories, but bound by our shared ideal that no matter who you has offered; provided and implemented a
       African Americans were not valued nor were a culture are or what you look like, how you started off, or how and who solution...We can make a difference by mir-
       that ensured the equitable application of the law and the you love, America is a place where you can write your des- roring this project within our prospective skill  *Distribution
       allocation of economic power. Therefore registering to vote tiny.” President Obama, June 26, 2015          sets; vocations and disciplines.                 Michael Dykes
       and providing that each of us to take responsibility for de-  The LGBT issue became the priority in his presidency  We should all be inspired by our current  Nero B. Coleman
       livering others within our circle of influence do so is criti- and brought about legislation that empowered the political posi- President to take more seriously the respon-
       cal. It is also essential that we invest in our communities tion of this community like never before. The sweeping legisla- sibility and duty owed to those we love to vote  *Staff  Chaplain
       and those less fortunate who because they lack skills are in tion included:                                and get others to do so as well. We also should       Elder Jerry McGhee
       bondage with limited employment opportunities and an op-  Preventing Bullying and Hate Crimes against LGBT be inspired to address our issues with no ex-
       pressive tracking system. Whether the system is a credit Americans                                         pectation that others will come to our aide.                    E-Mail:
       bureau or our justice system, they both serve as justifica-  Supporting LGBT Health (same-sex marriage benefits)  We cannot afford to wait for another four
       tion to affect success and prosperity.                  Repealing don’t tell (military)                    years to act. We must proceed within the
           It is nothing less than shameful that despite the blood-  Ending the Legal Defense of the Defense of Marriage realm of influence and resources to be the
       shed and sacrifices of those that came before us, we trample (redefining marriage)                         difference we want to see in our community.       Web-Site
       on their legacies with no respect whatsoever when we fail  Protecting LGBT rights and housing and many other mea- We are keenly aware of the issues within our  www.fayetteville
       to vote and when we allow those within our circle of influ- sures                                          community. We discuss them daily within               For
       ence to do the same. We see local elections in positions  Protecting LGBT rights around the world          multiple circles. We must demand more of
       that control millions of dollars, thousands of jobs and eco-  Recognizing LGBT contributions               ourselves and insist that we each actively      Advertisement
       nomic opportunities and hardly participate as a family in  President Trump’s aggressive approach to immigration has engage in addressing these issues within our  &
       the voting or political process. To profess that you voted is resulted in a heightened sensitivity toward the treatment of ille- community, one by one working as one.  Subscriptions
       not enough to exclaim that you’re responsible for 1 to 10 gal aliens. African Americans chimed in as families were torn  We will never be a priority in this nation  Call
       other peoples to register and vote is invaluable and needed apart and aggressive measures implemented to combat illegal unless and until we become a priority in our
                                                           immigration. This issue provides yet another priority that dis- community.                            (910) 323-3120

                                                                                                            Back to School Tips

                                                                School begins on Monday, August 27 for traditional schools.  It is time to reestablish routines and get your child back into
                                                         the swing of learning.  Here are some tips to make sure your child has a great start this school year:

                                                              1. Attend the school’s open house to meet your child’s teacher.  It is important to know your child’s teacher, the principal, and the
                                                         assistant principal. Fill out the forms and return them to the school as soon as possible.
                                                              2. Make sure your child is on time daily for school because every minute counts.  When your child is tardy they are losing quality
                                                         instruction that will be needed when it is time for them to take crucial tests.
                                                              3. Make sure the school has the correct phone numbers so that if there is an emergency you can be contacted.  Emergencies take
                                                         place and if the school has disconnected phone numbers it will be hard to contact you.
                                                              4. Establish a form of communication and a relationship with the teacher to keep in touch throughout the school year.  You want to
                                                         know about grades, behavior, and other things pertaining to your child.  Do not wait until the end of the school year or when you receive a
                                                              report card to find out what is going on. Communication should begin day one and continue throughout the school year. Schedule
                                                         regular parent-teacher conferences with the teacher and communicate via agenda, email, phone, or text.
                                                              5. Talk with your child about the importance of obtaining an education.  Your child has a role and a responsibility in their learning too.
                                                         They should know that you have high expectations for them and their education. Learning begins at home.
                                                              6. Your child should read at least 30 minutes on a nightly basis.  Ask your child questions for comprehension. Talk with the teacher
         By Dr. Shanessa Fenner, Principal               about ways you can assist your child with their learning.
                                                              7. Read over the student code of conduct with your child.  Their behavior is expected to be on point and school rules should be
                                                              8. Attend curriculum night, parent nights, awards ceremonies, and other events.
                                                              9. Become a volunteer and assist with the various events that have been scheduled for the school year.  You can join the PTA, chaper-
                                                         one a field trip, become a testing proctor, or run a station at field day.
                                                              10.Check your child’s homework folder on a nightly basis and if you do not see homework call the teacher immediately to see why.
                                                              11.Become an advocate for your child.  Do not only show up to the school when your child is in trouble or let your child see you argue
                                                         with the teacher.  It is important to work with the school to ensure a quality education for your child.
                                                              12.Read and discuss your child’s report card with your child.  Sign it, return it, and let the teacher know if you would like a confer-
                                                         ence. Ask the child’s teacher to fully explain the report card.
                                                              13.If you have any concerns call the school immediately to set up a conference.
                                                                   Have a happy and successful school year.
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