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Vote To Keep Lisa Scales Your Clerk of Superior Court

                                              Paid for by the Committee to Elect Lisa Scales Clerk of Superior Court
            The Fayetteville Press

                                                                                                                              Lisa Scales

       Volume 29  No. 4                                                                                      April/May 2018 Edition  *   (910) 323-3120                                                                          Fayetteville, NC

                                                                                                    ǂƳdžǂ  ƦƶƳǀƷƴƴ  ǂƽ        ǂƽ ƻƳƳǂ ƦƶƳǀƷƴƴ ƪǀƷƵƶǂ


                                                                          ™ Protect your right to vote for fair
                                    EMOCRAT                                    and impartial judges

                                                                          ™ Continue to support initiatives
                                                                               that provide good paying jobs

                                                                          ™ Continue to fight for Medicaid
                                                                               expansion and healthcare for all

                                                                          ™ Continue to seek higher levels of
                                                                               funding for public education

                                                                          ™ Continue to support fair pay and
                          Lt. Col., US Air Force  (RET)                        living wage standards
            Paid For by The Committe to Re-Elect  Ben Clark NC Senate
                                                                          ™ Continue to promote veteran
                            NC Senate District 21
                                                                               friendly policies and legislation

       Re-elect Senator Ben Clark

              I ask for your support and your vote as I seek to serve you as your state senator for a fourth term.
       Help me to usher in the blue wave of the Democratic Party and defeat the Republican assault against
       our valued public institutions. My commitment to protect and promote the interests of our community
       remains unwavering. As a proud Democrat, I stand fervently with my fellow democrats in this cause.


                             NC Senate
        Senator Dan Blue (Democratic Caucus Leader)                    In addition to these leadership

        Senator Terry Van Duyn (Democratic Caucus Whip)              endorsements, Senator Clark has
                        City of Fayetteville                              garnered over 90% of the
                         Mayor Mitch Colvin
                      Mayor Pro-tem Ted Mohn                       announced endorsements of current

             Cumberland County Commissioners                         elected Democrats within Senate
                Commissioner Larry Lancaster (Chair)               District 21. There is a reason. He has
               Commissioner Charles Evans (At Large)                been a steadfast champion for you

                          City of Raeford
                         Mayor John McNeill                        and citizens of our community. Vote
                    Mayor Pro-tem Robert Conoly                       to re-elect Clark and help him to

                  Hoke County Commissioners                         usher in a blue wave of Democrats
                 Commissioner James Leach (Chair)                                    into office.
            Commissioner Harry Sutherland (Vice-Chair)
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