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                        “ What You don’t know can hurt you “

           All too often we all engage in idealistic commentaries which                                           sion of your driving privileges, some may also cause
       address problems in our community, but seldom offer practical so-                                          an order for an arrest to be issued. In fact you may
       lutions that can be immediately used for the good of those directly                                        call and be told to appear at the courthouse Mon-
       effected . As we continue our focus upon making issues that affect                                         day through Friday at 8 am and request to be added
       us as our priority; we will look at District Court (also known as                                          onto the docket. However, depending on your situ-
       traffic court). Traffic court is a place frequented by Blacks daily                                        ation you might need to bring a tooth brush as well
       that can have huge negative consequences upon their livelihood. For                                        because  you  could  be  arrested  for  the  Failure  to  The  Fayetteville  Press
       reasons subject to much debate, the majority of the individuals in                                         Appear. You may not be told that a order has been
       District Court rooms each day are Black. While Blacks represent                                            issued for your arrest . Because court dates are set  Newspaper
       only 50% of the population in our community, they are nearly 85%                                           based on the charging officer court date, for add on  “Your  Community  Newspaper”
       of the persons each day charged with minor traffic violations. These                                       you can plead guilty or seek a continuance because
       violations range from Speeding, Driving While License Revoked,                                             the charging officer is unlikely to be present. There  P.O. Box 9166
       and compliance matters such as registration or inspections (defec-                                         is also an additional $200 late fee associated with
       tive tags) . We also see more of the personal charges based on                                             that FTA that will be included which may or may  Fayetteville * NC 28311
       conflicts with the police such as Resist Delay and Obstruct Justice                                        not be by the Judge. You should also be prepared to
       (RDO) or Disorderly Conduct. There are other more serious mat-                                             address any outstanding, but overlooked matters in  (910) 323-3120 - Office
       ters seen in court each day such as Assault on a Government Offi-                                          your past. Thus, consulting with a lawyer before
       cial or Driving While Impaired. However, these matters appear to   By Atty Allen W. Rogers                 undergoing this examination in front of a Judge is  E-mail:
       be significantly more equitably distributed among all ethnicities       (910) 433-0833                     highly recommended.
       than the more minor everyday offenses. Perhaps it’s due to the                                                  Rule: Always be polite and respectful of  *Publisher - JJ Jones
       officer’s discretion. An officer may issue warnings for the less seri-                                     the court. This includes the Judge; Assistant Dis-
       ous matters, however, it seems that Blacks are far less likely to  Rule: Be prepared to provide the court with an updated copy  trict Attorneys;Clerks; Baliffs  *General Manager
       receive a warning and substantially more likely to receive a citation(  of your driving history if are you representing yourself.  The personal charges of Resisting, Delaying  Chrystal M. Thomas
       a charge). In this article I will address common daily problems that  The most common problem we see in court each day are traffic  or Obstruct Justice (RDO) and Disorderly Conduct,
       we experience and offer practical solutions to avoid undesired out-  citations in the form of speeding tickets and simple compliance matters.  generally arises out of conduct that fails to give
       comes. We cannot overcome these problems until we become in-  Speeding can cause horrific accidents resulting in death or serious injury.  police officers the respect they deserve. This re-  *Sales Manager
       formed and share this knowledge needed to demand the justice and  Thus, the court vigorously prosecutes these matters in an effort to make  spect must be afforded to them regardless of ones  Dwight Brown
       equality that we so richly deserve.                 our roads safe. Some violations, if convicted, will result in the loss of  personal opinion of how they are exercising their
           Rule: Traffic court generally starts at 9am. You must be  your driving privileges, increased insurance rates, and a record that could  authority as the police. Officers are generally just  *Editor - Jae McKrae
       on time for court and respectfully dressed .        effect employment. Therefore,  attorneys are often employed to mini-  trying to do their jobs and make it home safely to
           Generally, the court docket is called at 9am. The need to plan  mize the impact and produce outcomes that have the least impact upon  their families. They are often as fearful as the sus-  *Staff  Writer -
       to be at court early is essential due to circumstances such as secu-  the individuals, their insurance rate, and their license. Each Friday our  pect, but are taught to exercise a calm demeanor as  Fred Whitted
       rity check points, limited daily parking and the local daily train that  District Court offers a people’s court aimed at offering reasonable reso-  they enforce the law. Just as consequences on the
       passes through our city. because of limited parking. It is advisable  lutions without the employment of an attorney. However, The District  streets are made worst by poor behavior the same is  *Photgrapher
       to arrive 15 mins early so as to be in place when the Court opens to  Attorney and his assistants do not offer legal advice. Regardless, many  true in the courtroom.
       conduct  its  business.  The  Cumberland  County  Court  system  are able to reach a outcome that meets their need. However, these out-  When unfavorable decisions are made in court  Bruce Carpenter
       handles hundreds of traffic offenses each day. Driving a motor ve-  comes are on a case by case basis and the Prosecutor cannot be held  it requires discipline and restraint. When defendants’
       hicle in our state is a privilege that is afforded to those who meet  accountable should the person’s individual situation not offer the mea-  family members or even spectators allow their emo-  *Account Executives
       the age and health requirements. That privilege may be suspended  sure of security or assurance needed for their particular situation.  tions to guide their conduct it often results in aggra-  Dr. Don Reid
       before you ever obtain a license. If you violate traffic laws and  Rule:  If  your  license  is  suspended  you  will  need  to  seek  the  vation of the existing circumstances or contempt of
       other laws, such as child support, you may lose the privilege. Our  issuance of a new driver’s license and present it to the court as proof of  court. Therefore, profanity,inappropriate language
       state requires all residents to have a North Carolina drivers license  your compliance. The court will not automatically know of the new  or gestures are simply not tolerated. Giving the vol-  Thurgood “Mike” Flowers
       to operate a motor vehicle on our roads, streets or highways. All  issuance of a new driver’s license.     ume  of  cases  and  the  seriousness  of  the  conse-
       vehicles operated are required to have insurance; proper registra-  While fixing the problem is a major step, many often fail to go  quences, a courtroom is not the place to decide to  Chris Miller
       tion and inspection. These are regarded as compliance matters. It is  back to the court or courts where pending citations are existing because  challenge authority. Instead, we must look for solu-
       the duty of the operator of a motor vehicle on our roads and high-  of their suspended license. This will frequently result in the license  tions to address these desperate matters and we must
       ways to ensure that these requirements are all met.  being suspended all over again because of a missed court date. In certain  be smart and respectful at all times.
           I often hear clients ask “how can my license be suspended  instances, a new license may need to be issued if the person has missed                      *Distribution
       when I have never had a license?”. The truth is your privilege to  court, DMV has been notified, and the resolution did not occur prior to  We must adopt winning strategies to over-
       obtain the license may be suspended. Thus, you may be suspended  the effective date of the suspension. Quite often compliance matters are  come daily challenges. Simply playing the race card  Michael Dykes
       before you ever obtain the right to drive. However, the driver of a  overlooked or the person misses court  or a great deal of time (such as 6  does not provide real solutions. Given the trend of  Nero B. Coleman
       vehicle, privileged or not, bares both financial and legal responsi-  months) goes by and not only is their a compliance problem, but now  violence and deadly force authorized by our current
       bilities of the vehicle he or she despite having no true ownership  their license is suspended. Quite often the person may be unaware be-  climate, we must equip our children with tools that  *Staff  Chaplain
       interest in the vehicle and despite his or her not having a valid  cause they failed to update the Department of Motor Vehicles of their  will protect them from the use of deadly force. This
       license to drive.                                   address change. This too is a violations and the consequences are often  is a unique problem that only we can address. No       Elder Jerry McGhee
           Rule: Be prepared to present the documents needed to ad-  an arrest for driving with a revoked license. So in that instance simply  mother wants to lose their child, whether it is the
       dress your citation matter (always maintain a copy for your records)  having the matter dismissed will not totally fix their problem. Hiring a  mother of a police officer or the urban Black mother.                    E-Mail:
       or request a continuance to hire a lawyer. In some instances the  lawyer is most effective in these instances to insure the best possible  Understanding the expectations of officers and the
       court may appoint a lawyer when you are facing jail time and are  outcome.                                 courts is essential to successful peaceful encoun-
       indigent. ( unable to afford to pay for legal counsel)  Rule:  Consult  with  legal  counsel  on  legal  matters  because  ters with police. We must avoid experiences that
           Generally, compliance matters simply requires documenta-  what you don’t know can truly hurt you.      taint us and affect our livelihood and exercise of
       tion that the problem has been fixed. However, when these matters  Missing a court date may be an honest error, but it is a serious  basic freedoms such as voting. We must set better  Web-Site
       are not properly addressed by the court bad things can happen.  legal matter. Whether the excuse is a work conflict, deployment, or sim-  examples for those who look to us for guidance. We  www.fayetteville
       Fayetteville utilizes a people’s court on Friday for  this very pur-  ply a lack of resources; not appearing may have long term consequences.  must seek to mentor young men and women so that
       pose. District Attorney Billy West authorizes his assistants to will-  Missing a court date is never a good idea because it only exacerbates the  they can realize the opportunities of this democ-  For
       ingly dismiss these matters without incurring any cost ; when pro-  existing problem. However, when it does occur consult with a lawyer.  racy. It can only be accomplished through acquisi-   Advertisement
       vided with documentation that satisfies the court showing that the  Most lawyers within our community offer fee consultations. An arrest  tion and implementation of knowledge that unlocks
       compliance issue has been resolved or corrected. For example a  can often cause a person to lose their job. Therefore, the cost associated  our thirst to honor the legacies of those who’s blood  &
       current registration ; inspection ; insurance ; a valid drivers license  with hiring an attorney is much less than the impact and disruption of  and tears washed away obstacles that would deny  Subscriptions
       after the stop or an insurance after an accident indicating the dam-  being arrested .                     us basic fundamental rights as citizens. This must
       ages have been paid will generally result in a Voluntary Dismissal.  Rule: Having your case added on the docket is not a guaran-  start now with you.            Call
       These matters are generally finalized with this proof.  tee that you won’t be arrested when you appear before the judge.                                  (910) 323-3120
                                                               While many compliance matters would simply result in a suspen-

                                                                                10 Ways Parents Can Become More Involved In Their Child’s Education

                                                                School begins for traditional students Monday, August 27. Parental involvement is the number one thing a parent can do to ensure the
                                                           academic success of their child in the school environment.
                                                               Research shows that parent involvement can improve students’ behavior, attendance, and achievement.
                                                               Here are some tips on how to become more involved in your child’s education:
                                                               1. Have a conversation with your child about school and share your expectations. Ask about their school day and find out how
                                                           your child feels about school.  Your child should know they have a responsibility in their education as well. Their motivation should be intrinsic
                                                           and they should not expect external rewards.
                                                               2. Check over your child’s homework to see if they have an understanding of it. Establish a routine that consists of doing
                                                           homework in a quiet place. Homework is a practice of what the teacher has already taught. It should not take your child all night to complete
                                                               3. Meet with your child’s teacher on a regular basis. This lets your child see that you will be in constant communication with the
                                                           teacher about grades and behavior.
                                                               4. Participate in teacher appreciation week. Donate goods and items for teacher appreciation week. Show teachers how much you
                                                           appreciate their hard work and efforts in teaching your child.
                                                               5. Attend all school events. Make it a priority to attend as many school events and parent nights. It is especially important to attend
         By Dr. Shanessa Fenner, Principal                 curriculum night and parent nights that discuss what your child is learning and you will also learn strategies that you can use with your child at
                                                           home when they do their work.
                                                               6. Read with your child every night. Take turns reading a book with your child. Ask your child questions about the story. Discuss
                                                           vocabulary words that are unfamiliar. Have them write out their answers to the questions.
                                                               7. Keep TV to a minimum. Limit the amount of TV your child watches. They should have a balance of doing their schoolwork, playing,
                                                           watching TV, and participating in extracurricular activities.
                                                               8. Make meaningful connections with what they are learning. If they are learning measurement in math try a recipe at home making
                                                           cookies. Buy a bag of their favorite candy and have them to model simple addition and subtraction problems.
                                                               9. Expose your child.  Exposure is very key in a child’s life.  They need to learn and grow in all areas. You want them to be well-
                                                           rounded individuals in society. Take trips to museums, the movies, fairs, exhibits, carnivals, festivals, and other educational places.
                                                               10.       Celebrate your child’s successes. Acknowledge and celebrate your child’s successes. Let them know how proud you are
                                                           of them and the expectations you have for them.
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