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                           When Dr. Adrianne Pinkney speaks, everyone listens...

                               “Feeling Myself” Emotional Health and Well-being

          Story by Jae mcKrae - Editor
          (FAYETTEVIILE)Wednesday, August 15 in Fayetteville, 40
      Fayetteville State University Resident Assistants listened during a work-
      shop conducted by the vivacious Adrianne Pinkney, PhD, MEd, an inte-
      grative wellness and life coach. When she speaks, you can’t help, but
      pay attention. Dr. Pinkney is prepared, focused, driven and purposeful.
          Dr. Adrianne Pinkney was invited to campus by Dr. Patricia Corey
      Bradley to assist R.A.’s (resident assistants). Dr. Bradley is the Title IX
      Coordinator, and manages the day-to-day responsibilities with the
      university’s Title IX compliance obligations. She ensures students are
      aware of their options and resources with respect to reporting and filing
      complaints alleging sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual miscon-
      duct and relationship violence.
          Dr. Pinkney’s workshop was geared to help resident assistants
      navigate through their own emotions while simultaneously encouraging
      FSU students, not only to be healthy, but also “emotionally healthy”.  She
      also discussed North Carolina’s TITLE IX.  She touched on the R.A.’s
      increasing their emotional intelligence to become more aware of how to
      serve and accommodate others. When they can pinpoint emotions within draining. Dr. Pinkney believes our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual selves are all intertwined. She quoted Plato, “ ‘The part
      themselves, they are better equipped to identify the emotions of others can never be well unless the whole is well.’ “
      and support them through their issues. Students were able to increase  Dr. Pinkney emphasized that “everything we do is about how we feel”. In the workshop, after identifying the six basic
      their emotional vocabulary and gain a deeper understanding of e-motion. emotions (happiness, sadness, fear, disgust, anger, surprise) The R.A.’s worked on expanding their emotional vocabulary. For
      Dr. Pinkney defined e-motion as “energy in motion” . and emphasized example, instead of saying “I am mad,” they focused on finding their true feelings and restate them. Students who started with “I
      that we actually “feel our feelings.”  “When we feel our bodies react feel mad” moved to “I feel disappointed” or “I am frustrated.”  We also emphasized ways Resident Assistants support students who
      accordingly. If you’re afraid, your body tenses. Moreover, when we are are dealing with sexual or domestic trauma. Their first response is to report the incident. Many students acknowledged that being an
      in a state of constant anxiety it usually results in insomnia or depression. R.A. can be exhausting because other people’s issues often trigger what they (the RA) are actually dealing with themselves.  At
      From this, students connected their emotional lives to their mental and Fayetteville State, they are creating a safe, responsive, and emotionally healthy campus. Go Broncos!
      physical health.”                                                   Adrianne Pinkney, a Raleigh native, is a result-driven graduate from three of Georgia’s best universities. At Spelman College,
          “Being a college student can be difficult,” Dr. Pinkney said. “Leaving she studied Political Science and Women’s Studies, and later earned her M.Ed from the University of Georgia in Social Studies
      home for first time (for some), and coming to grips with being on your Education with a certificate in Gender Studies. At Emory University, she completed her PhD in Educational Studies. Adrianne is the
      own, and pretending to be stronger than you are can prove to be stress- only daughter of three. Her mother, Maria Ewing, a Fayetteville native, is a graduate of Reid Ross High  and William Peace
      ful.” When you combined the challenges of maneuvering among the University; she is also a marketing director in Raleigh. Dr. Pinkney’s brothers Julian, a senior at NCCU, and Cameron, a landscape,
      personalities of new friends and roommates, advocating in the financial are also result driven, and supportive. They’re ready and prepared to assist her whenever the opportunity arises.  http://
      aid office, or even healing from sexual trauma, it can be emotionally

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