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                                                  Editorial / Opinion

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                            Stay Alert ....but Move On

                                                                                                                  the process established for vacancies

           The  recent  attack  upon  ExCouncilman                                                                rather than politicizing the process with
       Tyrone Williams speaks directly to a culture of                                                            new rules in the middle of this political   The  Fayetteville  Press
       double standards in this community. Fayetteville                                                           game. Those who suggest otherwise                  Newspaper
       recently witnessed a reputable public figure accused                                                       take exception to the traditional notions  “Your  Community  Newspaper”
       of allegedly violating children. While he is and                                                           of allowing “the process to work”. It’s
       should be totally afforded the legal standard of in-                                                       surprising that many advocating for de-          P.O. Box 9166
       nocent until proven guilty we clearly have not wit-                                                        partures are generally known for there      Fayetteville * NC 28311
       nessed that with former Councilman Tyrone Willams.                                                         more conservative approach to process        (910) 323-3120 - Office
       We often ask for citizens from all walks of life to                                                        with their normal strict interpretations of
       lend themselves to public service as we navigate                   By Atty Allen W. Rogers                 the rules. This is normally true no mat-   E-mail:
       through the daily life challenges of a city. However;                   (910) 433-0833                     ter how antiquated or disjointed the          *Publisher - JJ Jones
       we did nothing less than a public lynching with                                                            rules are from the present realities.
       Tyrone Williams, as he is depicted on the cover of  men and women of our community do nothing .            Tyrone has paid a huge price for this un-      *General Manager
       the Up and Coming Magazine in black and white                                                              charged misconduct. The recent Up and          Chrystal M. Thomas
       like a runaway slave of old .                           Mitch Colvin is a product of Fayetteville. His te-  Coming caricature could be interpreted         *Sales Manager
                                                           nacious spirit and intellect makes him a great fit for our  to suggest that all leaders that fit this de-  Dwight Brown
           Tyrone Williams allegedly inappropriately       great city at this time. A graduate of our public school  scription are questionable . It’s like the
       sought compensation in a city deal that placed his  system ( EE Smith and Fayetteville State University )  70s old school style propaganda media         *Editor - Jae McKrae
       personal affairs in conflict with his public elected  he is a product of our city. Mitch has represented us  . This was a gift from God because it
       position and we all but tarred and feathered him.   well both as a City Councilman and as our Mayor. In a  amplifies the threat of what happens in          *Staff  Writer -
                                                                                                                                                                    Fred Whitted
       The Up and Comings grossly inappropriate depic-     recent address to the Local Fayetteville Bar Associa-  a great community when good men and
       tion was in poor taste, divisive and racist. Why such  tion ; at Luigi’s his command of the facts, delivery and  women do nothing.                           *Photgrapher
       a double standard? Is it because Tyrone is black?   confident but sincere presentation was impressive to a      Fayetteville is a great city. The          Bruce Carpenter
       Is because of the threat of a minority majority on  audience of wordsmiths . His independence as a busi-   Ft Bragg community is a jewel ; and our
       the city council? Blacks have lived with a majority  nessman has been an invaluable assets as Mayor. Mitch  local college system along with the I-       *Account Executives
                                                                                                                                                                    Dr. Don Reid
       council for countless terms . Of course those who   has not sought to simply side with his friends. I can at-  95 corridor offer an energy and poten-
       dare to point out this discrepancy risk being black  test to that as a friend that has fought furiously in a num-  tial for Fayetteville’s continued growth  Thurgood “Mike” Flowers
       balled or ostracized. However; I have never relied  ber of actions where persons were killed or injured by  and progress. Our new baseball stadium
       upon the acceptance for my existence. I’ve also al-  the Fayetteville Police Department. Mitch has never   has created a constant buzz downtown               Chris Miller
       ways believed that when there is but “one conver-   allowed our friendship to impact upon his position.    like never before. The fact that the team
       sation “ ( rather there a white or black one) we will  Thus, he has always set aside our friendship from his  is associated with the World Series
       make greater progress. So in the spirit of the      responsibilities as Councilman or Mayor. Despite a     Champs reflects well upon our leaders            *Distribution
       emboldened Trumpeters I must speak my mind as       community where nepotism and politics rule. Of course  that have brought this potential game            Michael Dykes
       well. While I do not believe the depiction in the Up  I would not be honest if I didn’t acknowledge my     changing investment to our city. We             Nero B. Coleman
       and Coming reflects the majority views of our great  trepidation’s with his tough counter positions but I have  must continue to seek quality leaders
       city. I also don’t believe the self serving apology  always understood and respected his commitment to     and should never allow party politics to         *Staff  Chaplain
       adequately absolves those responsible for this in-  our city. He and our city attorney Karen McDonald      blind us as to what’s best for our city. ;       Elder Jerry McGhee
       sulting depiction. This vicious attack after his resig-  (though married to my high school classmate whose fa-  we must be careful to insure all candi-
       nation was mean spirited. Its overall scheme ap-    ther was my mentor ) have always observed the highest  dates have the capacity and the integ-                       E-Mail:
       pears to be to undermine Black elected officials by  level of professionalism and ethics in dealing with is-  rity to serve. It’s critical we move for-
       those unhappy with the successes witnessed in elec-  sues between the police and the African American com-  ward with the leadership needed to meet
       tions. Tyrone was wrong and he’s gone. The con-     munity . While we may not always agree; their posi-    the growth and prosperity that will fol-          Web-Site
       tinual efforts to undermine our outstanding Mayor   tions have always been based upon law and sound        low. It’s time we be the example to         www.fayetteville
       Mitch Colvin and other attempts to replace Tyrone   judgement rather than emotion and politics.            North Carolina and the rest of the coun-              For
       Willams seat with any candidate not reflective of                                                          try of what can be when good people
       the populace that is served is misguided and divi-      Selecting a replacement for Tyrone Williams        put the future of our children and of our       Advertisement
       sive. Its a scheme that we all must wake up to. It  in District 2 , has proven to be a difficult and extremely  city first ...                                    &
       resonates like a textbook play from a strictly con-  controversial task. I do join those citizens who believe   Their is no better celebration of          Subscriptions
       trived play book to win at all cost whether in or out  the person selected should reflect the district 2 con-  our heritage and of our growth....                Call
       of the polls. That only happens however if the good  stituency. The council appears committed to following  Stay Alert ...                                (910) 323-3120

                                                                          The Important Role of a Father

                                                                     Fathers play a very important role in the lives of their children and family. There continues to be a concern with
                                                           the diminishing role of the father in the lives of their children. Young boys look up to and emulate their fathers. They
                                                           watch everything their fathers do and say because they learn by modeling behaviors. There are things that fathers teach
                                                           their sons that only a man can teach them and sons want
                                                                their dad’s approval. Young males watch how their father treats their mother and they learn about their identity and
                                                           role as a young male.
                                                                     Young girls love their fathers and want their acceptance.  That is why it is crucial that fathers tell their
                                                                daughters they are beautiful, smart, and important so they won’t spend their lives seeking validation in the men they
                                                           date. Fathers teach their daughters about their value and self-worth so they will already know that when they seek love.
                                                           Girls watch how their father treats their mother and every little thing they do or say.
                                                                     The man is head of household and it is his responsibility to ensure his family is taken care of.
                                                                Quality time, love, and providing are the best things a father can give his children. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of
                                                           life pulls you away from those little things that should be done but it is imperative to spend time with your children be-
                                                           cause they grow up so fast. Don’t let time get away from you.
           By Dr. Shanessa Fenner                                  There is nothing more beautiful than a man handling his responsibilities.  We know that any man can make a child
                                                           but a real man takes care of his children no matter what the relationship is with the mother. Always be there for your
                                                           children. Research indicates that fathers are as important as mothers in their roles of caregiver, protector, financial sup-
                                                           porter, and a model for social and emotional behavior.  You set the example and your children are watching.
                                                                     Many children do not have their fathers in their lives but they have the benefit of having an
                                                                adoptive father, uncle, grandfather, male cousin, stepdad, or other male figure in their lives.
                                                                We are living in tragic times that are especially important for fathers to teach their sons about the plight
                                                                of the young black male, what to do and say when stopped by the police, and to not live up to the
                                                                stereotypes that society has about them. Teach your sons the tools to understand and navigate racism
                                                                because you have experienced it firsthand.
                                                                     You are important in the lives of your family and especially your children. Your presence makes a difference. Your
                                                           dedication does not go unnoticed.  Happy Father’s Day.
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