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                                            “CELEBRATION OF SUCCESS”

                              “Breaking the Generational Curse of Unemployment”

                                                                                        Bricklaying Training Course (“BTC”) graduated its first class                           (Photo by Bruce Carpenter)

           by Deborah Underwood                                                                 taught me. His entrepreneurial skills won many admirers. His dedication to, as well as his belief in, the
           On Monday, October 2, 2017, at 6:00 PM, in the sanctuary of Heal the Land Outreach Ministries, Bricklaying Training Course will be forever appreciated.
      411 Hall Street, where City Councilman, Bishop Larry O Wright is pastor, the My Brother’s Keeper  Prior to his death, Reverend Johnson had already started to help plan the Bricklaying II course.
      Bricklaying Training Course (“BTC”), graduated its first class during a Celebration of Success, Certifi- He had begun soliciting monetary donations as well as tools and equipment. Additionally, securing a
      cate Presentation Ceremony. Of the initial 20 registered students, two left due to illness, 16 students permanent building to serve as project headquarters was one of his main goals. Therefore, I am
      completed the six-week Introduction to Bricklaying I course, two students had perfect attendance and asking everyone who counted him as your friend, to show your love by making a contribu-
      12 missed two or fewer classes.                                                           tion to the “BTC.” Once a building is secured, all sponsors will be recognized on a commemorative
           Graduates marched in to Pomp and Circumstances, played on the violin by Ms Sydni Underwood, plaque, which will be placed in the building. With the community and the community leaders’ help, this
      a senior at Cape Fear High School, [“Go Colts!”], followed by a Presentation of Hard Hats by Gyasi goal WILL be met. The Bricklayer Training Course WILL CONTINUE and WILL MAKE
      Underwood, Master Mason, Assistant Instructor, the Welcome by the MC, Rev Dr Marzella E Jones, HIM PROUD.
      Pastor, My Brother’s Keeper, an Invocation by Rev John T Johnson, Industrial Chaplain, Public Rela-
      tions, the National Anthem played by Sydni Underwood, an Introduction of the Speaker by Rev John T  Lastly, I am inspired even more so to carry out my God-given calling to “teach a man to fish,”
      Johnson, the charge to the graduates by the Keynote Speaker, Dr Wilson A Lacy, BJL Construction Co, and just as he mentored me, to do the same thing for as many others as I can. I want to hear him say,
      Inc., a solo by Mother Carolyn Nelson, the Presentation of Certificates and Special Recognitions by “Levi, you followed though, and I am proud of you, therefore, “I DO WELL AT THIS TIME.” We
      Levi Underwood, Master Mason, BTC Instructor, Presentation of Tools by Robert Jackson, Master love you Reverend Johnson.
      Mason, Assistant Instructor, Remarks by Rev Dr Marzella E Jones and Special Words of Encourage-
      ment and the Benediction from Bishop Larry O Wright.
           Each student was individually recognized for their hard work and commitment to learning the      Emmanuel Bible College & Herbal Academy
      basics of masonry. One student was so dedicated that on the evenings he did not have a babysitter for
      his two young children, he brought them to class with him. One student came from Hope Mills, another    Emmanuel Bible College * (910) 797-7858
      from Harnett County and an 87-year-old student drove from Sampson County. Four students walked to
      class each night. The one female student was one of two students with perfect attendance. The young-         Classes: Every Monday 6pm to 8pm
      est student (16 years old) only missed one class and that was to attend Cape Fear’s Homecoming
      game. [“Go Colts!”]
           In addition to a framed certificate, each student received a set of basic masonry tools consisting of
      a hard-hat, trowel, short level, jointer, line and line blocks, tape measure, gloves, dust mask and safety
      glasses. Generous donations by many sponsors provided these tools.
           The graduation represented a hallmark in the lives of many of the students. One even stated that
      this was the first time he would be participating in a graduation ceremony and that his whole family was
      excited and would probably be attending.
           This course, Introduction to Bricklaying I, was the first step toward economic empowerment for
      individuals looking to learn a skill, that once mastered, can change their lives and their community
      forever. We, the BTC, pride ourselves in this program for three reasons. Firstly, it speaks of partnership
      and our partnership with My Brother’s Keeper “MBK” is one with which we are extremely pleased.
      Secondly, it gives people the skills that mean they can make a living and thirdly, it empowers people to           Rev. S. Mtunda (910) 797-7858
      make a meaningful contribution to the economy.
           We are proud that this training is targeting unemployed and disadvantaged individuals. We are not
      only training our young people in bricklaying by running this course; we are training people in running    Peppermint – Cool Remedy for Pain
      small businesses, in contributing to the economy and eradicating poverty in our communities.” It is clear
      that the certificates awarded at this special event are not the end for these students and their learning  (Taken from The Kitchen Table Book)The same herb that’s the
      but are the foundations for them to build upon. Most of the Bricklaying I students have already regis-  source of holiday candy canes can put an end to your aches. It
      tered for Bricklaying II which will begin in April.
           The BTC is a non-profit organization. For the past three years, in partnership with My Brother’s  works because of the plant’s powerful potential to block nerves and
      Keeper, it has strived to help “uplifted” unskilled members of society to “break the generational curse of  stimulate others. You could say peppermint cools the pain.
      unemployment.” The BTC believes that in doing so, local, mostly unemployed individuals can empower
      themselves. Their goal is to allow those persons to better themselves, provide for their families and  Peppermint’s secret weapon is menthol, a natural antibiotic. Men-
      contribute to their community in a positive manner.                                         thol is also used in some pain-relief creams and patches like Bengay
           However, even with all the present support, there remains the need for additional hand tools as  and  Icy  Hot.  It  works  by  stimulating  the  nerves  that  sense  cold –
      well as monetary donations. As a result of this need, many individuals who want to enroll in the Brick-
      laying I Course cannot be served and the students who have completed that course have not been able  that’s why peppermint tastes cool – and blocking the nerves that sense
      to advance to Bricklaying II.                                                               pain. The effect doesn’t work for long, but you may get some relief.
           The biggest need is a building or warehouse space or funding to rent or purchase one. Having a  Traditionally, people inhaled peppermint for respiratory problems
      building or warehouse space or even a large tent, would allow for continuity of training as the students  and  coughs.  Now  you  can  suck  on  peppermint  candy  or  a  cough
      move from one skill level to the next. We are hoping that someone or some churches and/or organiza-
      tions will step up and partner with the BTC to provide the need space.                      lozenge with menthol, or sip a cup of peppermint tea to soothe your
           The goal of the Bricklayer Training Course is to be a “fisher of men.” Levi Underwood’s motto  sore throat or cough. Experts believe that the menthol in peppermint
      “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime,” will continue  blocks the pain and stops the irritation that makes you cough.
      to illustrate the power to transform not only individuals, but produce a “well fed community” as well.
                                                                                                       Peppermint oil applied to your forehead, not taken internally –
           THE BRICKLAYER TRAINING PROGRAM WILL FOREVER BE INDEBTED TO                            has a calming and numbing effect to head off a headache. Research
                                    REVEREND JOHN T JOHNSON,                                      shows that it works as well as acetaminophen (Tylenol) to ease the
           THE BTC’S INDUSTRIAL CHAPLAIN / PUBLIC RELATIONS SPOKESPERSON.                         pain of a tension headache. One study found that people with head-

                                                                                                  aches started feeling better in just 15 minutes when they used pepper-
           I personally, and the Bricklayer Training Course, would like to publicly thank Reverend John T
      Johnson for the knowledge and wisdom he imparted while serving as Industrial Chaplin and Public  mint oil. To try the peppermint oil remedy, put two drops of pepper-
      Relations spokesperson for the Course. The success of the project is due in part to his sincere support  mint oil in one cup of water, soak a cloth in the scented water then
      and mentorship. He believed in me and the “BTC” project from the very beginning and I truly appreci-  apply it as a compress to your forehead. (Don’t confuse peppermint
      ate and value everything I learned from him. I ask him to accept my heartfelt gratitude for his time,
      support, and patience.                                                                      oil with peppermint extract you buy in the supermarket to bake with).
           Reverend Johnson was an exemplary and visionary mentor, a great leader who dedicated his life
      to the service of humanity. He proved himself to be a loving and caring person, both in private and out
      in the world and I thank him for being there for me and teaching me so much.  I treasure everything he
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