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Page 10                                                                                                   The Fayetteville Press March Primary 2020 Edition


                    Chief Apostle Dr. Sandra Kay Holland Trotter                                                                            Obituaries

                                                                        Chief Apostle Dr. Sandra Holland Trotter was a member of St. Paul  Maurice Williams, Sr.  Sandra Constant
                                                                 Missionary Baptist Church, joining while in elementary school, under the  Margie Brown           Elder Willie Cornell
                                                                 pastorate of Dr. Robert M. Dickerson, Sr., D.D. As her faith in Jesus Christ  Karyn Mitchell        Spencer Sr
                                                                 grew, she became involved with a number of different ministries and organiza-  Leslie Lee        Robert Hayes Jr
                                                                 tions: founded Shiloh Temple of Faith Church I in 1998; consecrated as  Jade Grayer              Darryl Hedgepath
                                                                 an Apostle on July 7, 2007; founded Shiloh Temple of Faith Church II in 2007,  Bertha Williams   John McCauley
                                                                 Raleigh, NC; founded Shiloh Temple of Faith Church III in 2008 in Hope Mills,
                                                                 NC; founded Shiloh Temple of Praise in 2011 in Spring Lake, NC; organized  Donna Kuzma           John Graves
                                                                 Shiloh Temple of Faith Church in Fayetteville, NC; was the first woman to be  Commar Murchinson  Nicole Richmond
                                                                 ordained at Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church in 136 years; served as a  Mary Patterson      Gladys Hicks
                                                                 member of the General Baptist State Convention’s New Pastors Committee  Marquille Morrisey       Mary Brown-Jackson
                                                                 and wrote a monthly article in “The Baptist Informer”; served as State Secre-  Shari Henderson   Carol Raye
                                                                 tary of the General Baptist State Convention’s Evangelism Committee; served  Bernice Dobbin      Marion Johnson
                                                                 as a state Chaplain for the National Council for Negro Women; the first  William Currie          Freda Carter
                                                                 woman to become President of the Fayetteville Cumberland County Ministerial  Virginia Rucker     Danny Tolliver
                                                                 Council in the 45 year history of the council; first female instructor at the  Ruby Foy          Orlando Ray
                                                                 Union Missionary Baptist Ordination Academy; first female to serve on the  Johnnie Buxton
                                                                 Ordination Board and Ministerial Board for the Union Missionary Baptist                          Carolyn Graham
                                                                 Association, Inc.  in  120  years;  hosted  the  Union  Missionary  Baptist  Beverly Green       Delores Jones
                                                                 Association In July of 2011; first woman to conduct a four day Woman’s  Edith Tabb               Donna Bacon
                                                                 Day Conference at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and grace the pul-  Kurt Anthony           Leroy Campbell
                                                                 pit of this prestigious historical landmark in 147 years.            Linda Adamson               Baby Frayah
                                                                     Chief Apostle Dr. Sandra Holland Trotter was an anointed woman of  Claudia Gary              Williams-McGuire
                                                                 God, founding pastor, counselor, mentor, publisher, administrator, entrepre-  Alice Camp         Brandon Smalls
                                                                 neur, teacher, motivational speaker, mother of two adult sons, grandmother of  Debra Album       Robert McAllister
                                                                 three grandsons and one granddaughter. She married Pastor Steve Stanley in  Erma Jones           George Ellis
                                                                 January, 2015.                                                       Albertina Rangel            Ronald Mum
                                                                        Chief Apostle Dr. Sandra Holland Trotter went home to be with the
                                                                 Lord on January 28, 2020. She was preceded in death by: her husband, Mr.  David Cromwell         Charles Proctor, Sr.
                                                                 Steve Stanley; mother, Mrs. Ruby Jewel Holland; father, Mr. Clyde Holland,  Avery Thames         Eddie McLaughlin
                                                                 Sr.; brother, Reverend Clyde Holland, Jr.; maternal grandmother, Mrs. Josie  Regina Jackson      Simeon Howard, Jr.
                                                                 Tillman (husband, Arthur);  maternal  grandfather,  Mr.  Prince  Lyons;  John Smith              James Thomas
            Chief Apostle Dr. Sandra Kay Holland Trotter was born to                                                                  Florence Melvin
     the parents of Mr. Clyde Holland, Sr. and Mrs. Ruby Jewel Holland in Pine  and paternal grandmother, Mrs. Beulah Price (husband, Lige). Left to cherish  Gloria Banks  Frank Long, Sr.
                                                                 her memories are: sons, Mr. Earl Watkins, Jr. (Tracy) and Reverend Roderick J.
     Bluff, Arkansas. As an heir to a legacy of leadership in the ministry, she  Watkins (Keisha); sisters, Denise Holland and Anita L. Holland; brothers,        Alice McKee
     came from a family of six children, four of which are preachers. In addition  Reverend Kenneth  R.  Holland  and  Reverend  L  Fayette  E.  Holland;  Freddie Rawls  Donald Carl
     to her three brothers, she has seven uncles and twenty-one male cousins  four grandchildren, Robert T. Lockhart, Justus Watkins, Roderick Watkins II  Michael Garnes  Natalie Upthegrove
     that are all pastors. She is the great, great granddaughter of Reverend G. W.  and Anna Watkins; great grandchildren, Kazari Lockhart, Kazena Lockhart,  Rosalind Tucker  Betty Holbrook
     Holland, founding Pastor of First Baptist Church in Winston Salem,  Kazaya Lockhart and Nilah Lockhart; aunts, Thelma Harris; and a host of  Sim Mclver      Glenn West
     North Carolina.                                             nieces, nephews, cousins and close friends                           Clovis Everett              Mary Everette
            She  was  educated  in  the  Pine  Bluff  School  System.                                                                 Margie Brown                Rita Norswether
     Before integration,  she  attended  Merrill  High  School,  and  after,          Services Entrusted To:                          Brenda Smith                Brenda Wilson
     she graduated from Pine Bluff High School in 1973. She received her Bach-  .  Colvin Funeral Home and Crematory                  Archie Green                Bernice Smith
     elor of Science in Business Administration in 1993, Masters of Divinity in     2010 Murchison Road *Fayetteville, NC 28301       Porcha McMillan             Kenyanna McKethan
     2009, and a Doctorate (Ph.D.) of Religious Philosophy in 2012.                  Telephone: (910) 488-6047                        Doris Johnson               Linda Townsend

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