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The Fayetteville Press March Primary 2020 Edition                                                                                            Page 3

                    NAACP 79  Annual Founders’ Day/Freedom Fund Banquet

                     Held on Saturday, February 29, 2020 – JD Fuller, Sr. Center

                                                      THEME: When We Vote, We Win – Save Our Democracy!

         Story by Queen Degraphenreid -                                                             in Judicial Studies from Duke University School of
                                                                                                                              Law. Justice Timmons-Goodson would become a ju-
         WHEN WE VOTED, SHE WON!                                                                                              dicial trailblazer in her own right, from serving as a
         As the Fayetteville Branch of the NAACP celebrated                                                                   Cumberland County District Court Judge to the Su-
    its 79  Founders’ Day/Freedom Fund Banquet to a full                                                                      preme Court of North Carolina, where she would sit
    house, the citizens of Fayetteville were casting their bal-                                                               as the first African American female justice. From the
    lots in one of the most pivotal primary elections since                                                                   district, through the appellate, to the Supreme Court,
    the initial election of Barack Obama, the national first                                                                  she would pave the way for other young legal profes-
    African-American elected to the Presidency of the US.                                                                     sionals who wanted fairness and justice in the judi-
    The 2020 Primary election results personifies the cur-                                                                    cial system.
    rent theme of the NAACP:                                                                                                       WHEN WE VOTE, WE WIN!

                                                                                                                                   Under the capable leadership of President James
         WHEN WE VOTE, WE WIN!                                                                                                E. Buxton, Jr., the Fayetteville Branch -NAACP con-
         The timing was equally important of our tapping of                                                                   tinues for fulfill its mission to “ensure the political,
    our keynote speaker, former Justice                                                                                       educational, social, and economic equality of rights
         Patricia  Timmons-Goodson,  one  of  Fayetteville’s                                                                  for all persons and to eliminate racial hatred and ra-
    own who has been a stellar role model and a successful                                                                    cial discrimination.”  Our works in the community on
    candidate in four prior judgeship elections, two of which                                                                 issues such as voter educations and rights; Early vot-
    were statewide races.                                                                                                     ing  mobilization;  “Souls  to  the  Polls”  with  area
                                                                           Keynote Speaker: Patricia “Pat” Timmons-Goodson
                                                                       ·       Former Vice –Chair of the US Commission on     churches;  promoting  equity  and  diversity  in
         Justice Timmons-Goodson has distinguished herself                    Civil Rights during The Obama Administration    Cumberland  County  Schools;  fighting  for  livable
    in the North Carolina judiciary, earning a reputation for          ·         First African-American woman to sit on the   wages, equal treatment and health care for all; and on-
    legal scholarship and integrity in judicial decision-mak-                            N.C. Supreme Court.                  going engagement with law enforcement to provide a
    ing. After receiving both her BA and J.D. from the Uni-            ·             Promoting: Leadership, leaving a         secure living and working environment in our com-
    versity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master’s                      Legacy and a Legend in her own time.         munities

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