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2017 Expungment Clinic Was A Big Success!

One in five individuals in North Carolina have a criminal                                                                                              Commissioner Evans and

record and this often stops them from being able to find ad-                                                                                           Mayor Pro Tem Colvin continue

equate jobs and housing. Troubled by this statistic, District At-                                                                                      to fight for local rules barring

torney Billy West, Cumberland County Commissioner Charles                                                                                              county and city employers from

Evans with Project Fresh Start, Fayetteville Mayor Pro Tem                                                                                             inquiring about criminal records

Mitch Colvin, and Representative Elmer Floyd worked together                                                                                           on initial employment applica-

and sponsored the 2017 Cumberland County Expungment Clinic.                                                                                            tions.

The 2017 Expungment Clinic was announced at the 2017                                                                                                   The Clinic was held on

Martin Luther King Breakfast by DA West, Commissioner Evans,                                                                                           May 6th at the Cumberland

Mayor Pro Tem Colvin, and Representative Floyd to an over-                                                                                             County Courthouse. Judge

whelming response. Over the next few weeks, West, Evans,                                                                                               Claire Hill and Judge Robert

Colvin, and Floyd appeared on several radio shows to promote                                                                                           Stiehl were present to assist and

the Clinic. Posters and flyers advertising two information ses-                                                                                        the Clerk of Court Kim Tucker

sions were placed around town by members of Evans’ Project                                                                                             was present to waive the filing

Fresh Start and on their Facebook page as well. The District                                                                                           fees for those who filed for

Attorneys’ Office received well over one thousand phone calls                                                                                          expungement. The District At-

in the weeks leading up to the first information session and gave   (L) to (R) Fayetteville Mayor Pro Tem Mitch Colvin, Miss Laura Hardy - President-  torneys’ Office worked to con-
out information over the phone and in the office.                         Project Fresh Start, Cumberland County District Attorney - Billy West and    firm that the motions being filed
                                                                                         Cumberland County Commissioner Charles Evans,                 were correct and signed off on
      The first information session was held on February 11 at                                                                                         all of the necessary paperwork.
New Life Bible Church and the attendance was phenomenal with

well over 500 people attending. DA West gave a presentation directed to see Evans’ Project Fresh Start. Again nearly 200 applications were submit- Special thanks go out to local
briefly outlining who may be eligible to apply for an expungement ted to the District Attorneys’ Office.                                               attorneys King Blue, Vickie

and asked anyone who thought that they may be eligible to fill      After the information sessions, the District Attorneys’ Staff worked diligently to pull Burge, Ken Burns, Greg Byrd,

out an application and submit it to the District Attorneys’ Staff criminal records on all of the individuals who submitted applications and reviewed them. Nichole Cotton, Meredith
for review. Anyone who did not believe that they would be eli- Unfortunately, not everyone who submitted an application was eligible for an expungement, E a g a n , S u s a n H a l l , H e l e n
gible were assisted that day by Evans’ Project Fresh Start. At but those were who not were referred to Evans’ Project Fresh Start. Those that were Nelson, as well as Clarissa
the first session, over 200 people submitted applications to the eligible for an expungement were forwarded to Legal Aid of North Carolina to be screened Richardson and Legal Aid of
District Attorneys’ Office.                                                                                                                            North Carolina for all of their
                                                                    for eligibility for their services.
The second information session was held on March 4 at               In the meantime, the District Attorneys’ Office conducted training for the members help. Nearly 100 participants

Heal the Land Ministries with well with over 300 people attend- of the local legal Bar on Expungments. After this training, several members of the local came to Courthouse and left
ing. DA West gave a presentation outlining the law on bar volunteered to participate in the Clinic on May 6th. Representative Floyd has also with the hope of a clean slate and
expungements and asked anyone who thought that they might be been hard at work in the Legislature sponsoring legislation to expand Expungement laws. a fresh start.
eligible to fill out an application, with anyone who did not being
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