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Vote To Keep Lisa Scales Your Clerk of Superior Court

                                              Paid for by the Committee to Elect Lisa Scales Clerk of Superior Court
            The Fayetteville Press

                                                                                                                              Lisa Scales

       Volume 29  No. 3                                                                                      March/April 2018 Edition  *   (910) 323-3120                                                                          Fayetteville, NC

              Paid for by the Committee to Elect Charles Evans County Commissioner

                                  Elect Dr NAVEED AZIZ

                            NC STATE SENATE DISTRICT 21

                                                                                She has her hand on the pulse of the community

                                                                                Dr Aziz is a strong, progressive woman, a physician and a small business owner in North Carolina.
                                                                                Dr Aziz will fight for Meaningful Health care for every North Carolinian.

                                                                                North Carolinians should not have to choose between buying their medicines or groceries for the week.
                                                                                Refusal to expand Medicaid is literally killing our citizens.
                                                                                Dr Aziz will fight for Quality Public Education for every Child.

                                                                                 Every child should have equal access to quality public education regardless of race or zip codes. Public
                                                                                funds should not be siphoned out of public schools.
                                                                                  Dr Aziz will fight for Equal opportunity for women.

                                                                                While many wonderful women choose to be home makers, the excessive cost of child care and pre-K
                                                                                education takes the choice away from many mothers who would like to work.

                                                                                Prison Reform

                                                                                 No child should be in prison. Mental health patients should neither be on the streets nor in prison.

                                                                                    •  Dr Naveed Aziz is a practicing physician who has also earned a dual masters in Business
                                                                                       Administration and Health Administration.
                                                                                    •  Appointed by Governor Roy Cooper on his Youth Advisory Council.

                                                                                    •  Runs a Free Clinic in the town of Spring Lake ,North Carolina.

                                                                                    •  Provided health care to indigent population in Hoke County for 6 months.

                                                                                    •  Has served on the Board of Directors of Fayetteville Urban Ministries.

                                                                                    •  Has served on the Board of Directors of Second Harvest Food Bank.
                                                                                    •  Has served on the Advisory Committee to State Director of Farm Service Agency of North

                                                                                    •  Served as Chairperson, Board of Directors, Greater Spring Lake Chamber of Commerce.

                                                                                    •  Speaker for Free Diabetes Seminars in North Carolina as well as abroad.
                                                                                    •  Hosted a weekly Radio show” living Well with Dr Aziz”

                              Dr. NAVEED AZIZ                                                                             Find me on facebook: Naveed Aziz for NC Senate
                          NC State Senate District 21                                                                                       Paid for by Friends of Dr Naveed Aziz
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