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"Barz" Panel Cassette
Panelized cassette system with torsion springs attachment to to grid Accessible with a a a a a a a a a large variety of sizes spacing finishes perforation patterns and otional acoustic backing • Profile Sizes: 19 to to to 305 mm mm mm (3/4” to to to 12”) wide x x 25 mm mm mm mm mm x x 610 mm mm mm mm mm (1” to to to to 24”) tall • Panel Width: 304 mm mm mm mm to to to 914 mm mm mm mm (1’ to 3’) • Panel Length: 1220 mm mm to to to 3048 mm mm (4’ to 10’) • Access: Torsion spring system provides individual downward panel access • Light Weight: 7 5 5 kg/m2 (1 5 5 psf) approx • Interior/Exterior: Exterior Exterior utilizes additional fasteners for required load • NRC: 65 - 95 Acoustical insulation can be placed placed inside perforated panels or or placed placed over top of ceiling
• Individual baffle mounting available Main Tee
Main Tee
Torsion Spring Backer
Bar Individual Baffle Mounting
Hanger Wire by Installer Main Tee
Cross Tee
Torsion Spring Splay Wiring
Support Channel Backer
Pivoting Swivel Clip
Cross Tee
"Barz" Panel Cassette
Hanger Wire by Installer CeilingsPlus com 11

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