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This Idea Book is is designed to be respectful of your your space your time and the environment It is organized so you you can quickly find information as as well as as inspiration Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of any assistance Nancy Mercolino
General Manager
USG Ceilings Plus LLC
Confidence + Collaboration Products
BarzTM Illusions® Radians® PlanxTM MirraTM WallformsTM Exterior
open•ness Materials Parti Perforations Acoustics
Linear elements demountable 8 Modular panels concealed suspension 36 Integrally curved panels concealed suspension 54 Linear elements non-demountable 66 Paneling and cladding for vertical surfaces 74 Ceilings and facades exposed to weather conditions 84
Open concepts for ceilings and walls Finishes acoustics LEED and sustainability Parametric design Standard perforations
Sound absorving materials
96 110 116 130 144
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