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  International Military Canine Biathlon 2018 – A Winning Team Perspective!
By Private Chloe Jones, 105 Military Working Dog Squadron
 You would have already read in an earlier article about the 1st Military Working Dog Regiment (RAVC) hosting the International Military Canine Biathlon which was held at St Georges Barracks in October 2018. Over 40 Teams from all over the world attended with their dogs to compete the 10 Kilometre course.
It was a competition designed to test the fitness, skill and training of dog handlers, I had never competed in an event like it before.
After receiving my bib, I waited patiently for my individual starting time. The course started with the water dunking obstacle where I had to stow Sky (my Military Working Dog) away in the kennel provided and I submerged in a little pool. It made it much harder to run as I was soaking. There were many different obstacles throughout the course including cycling, wall jumps, a dog carry, wheelbarrowing your dog, shooting, an obstacle course and there was also the mystery obstacle! For the last km I had to pick up a scent brick
and carry it with me around the course. This was probably the hardest part of the course because the brick was very awkward.
A crowd met us at the finish cheering us on through to the line. It was a distraction for MWD Sky while going over the agility kit, the last obstacle, and she was not fussed. The course shows the bond between dog teams including that shared between Sky and myself. It also introduces a bit of competition between everyone.
After the event, a presentation was held at the Barracks to receive the results. Sky and I were awarded the overall Top Female Dog Team which surprised me as everyone competing had a good fitness level. Most of what I did that day simulated something that I and other handlers could be doing in the future on operational deployments which is why it is important for all handlers, including females, to be physically and mentally prepared for future deployments as we will be working alongside infantry units.
104 MWD Sqn Parading through Stamford to Commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1
By LCpl Shanks
On Sunday 11th November 2018 104 MWD Sqn, 1 MWD Regiment took part in a significant and poignant Remembrance parade in Stamford.
The parade was to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1.
The squadron came together with personnel from the RAF, Cadet force, Veterans and other marching units as well as the Stamford brass band, we were joined by hundreds of members of the public.
At 10.50 am the parade marched the short distance up broad street to the war memorial, once the whole of the parade was in position there was a two-minute wait until 10.57 am, when the eerie sound of the ‘LAST POST’ sounded, leaving us all in deep thought of the sacrifice given by so many.
11.00 am- The two-minute silence began at the end of the last post and would end on the first note of the ‘REVEILLE’, Poppies were dropped from the balcony of Browne’s hospital as the two- minute silence was observed impeccably, everyone left with their
Major Gillies OC 104 MWD Sqn laying a wreath to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the end of WW1 Stamford war memorial
own thoughts on the sacrifice made by so many over a century ago.
REVEILLE sounds, and the Kohima is spoken, this was followed by the laying of the wreaths at the war memorial. There were many wreath bearers including members of the local emergency services, salvation army, Royal British legion and our own OC Major Gillies.
Shortly after the laying of wreaths the parade sang the National Anthem before a march past and final salute towards the war memorial before marching back down broad street.
Overall it was a very proud and poignant day for the squadron and Regiment to be a part of a centenary remembrance parade of such significance and importance.
A stark reminder to each one of us who serve in the armed forces today, why we serve and a reminder of the sacrifice our comrades of over a century ago gave for us to be able to serve today.
104 Sqn, led by Lt Alex Bowman

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