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  RAVC Centenary Day at Melton Mowbray
The RAVC celebrated the 100th anniversary of their Royal Warrant in style at the Defence Animal Training Regiment (DATR) in Melton Mowbray on Tuesday 27 November 2018. 300 serving personnel, invited guests including the Surgeon General, Lt General Martin Bricknell, the RAVC Association, the RAVC Old & Bold group from Melton and the ADU NI Association attended this day of celebration which started off with a Service of Thanks Giving delivered by Reverend Brian McAvoy in his usual style. Being in the middle of Winter at Melton Mowbray, the whole celebration was held in the grand marquée which covers the whole of the gymnasium floor at the DATR.
The Service was followed the presentation of a Centenary Coin that was awarded to every serving and Association member oftheRAVC.TheColonelCommandant, Major General Roly Walker, the Chief Veterinary and Remount Officer, Colonel Neil Smith, the Commanding Officer of the DATR, Lt Col Martyn Thompson and 1 Military Working Dog Regiment RAVC, Lt Col Neil Lakin presented the coins to everyone who was eligible.
The celebration continued with the unveiling of Centenary Scroll bearing the names of all the RAVC members and CO 1 MWD Regt serving on 1 January 2018. The Chief Veterinary and Remount Officer invited the RAVC Colonel Commandant, Major General Roly Walker to unveil the
Scroll with the artist, Mrs Clare Villar in attendance.
This was followed by a presentation of an RAVC Centenary Banner by Mrs Pauline Clark and her son Daniel to the RAVC that they had especially commissioned for the occasion. Many readers will remember Mrs Pauline Clark as the person who 5 years ago presented the Corps with an embroidery of animals that she had worked on for 28 years.
Following a speech by the CVRO to thank everyone for attending this memorable day, the Colonel Commandant announced the naming of the DATR at Melton Mowbray as the Remount Barracks.
Presentation from US Army Veterinary Corps
Finally, also at the celebration of the Corps centenary, the Colonel Commandant RAVC presented the Chief Veterinary and Remount Officer with a presentation on behalf of Brigadier General Erik Torrin, Chief Vet of the US Army to mark the Centenary of the RAVC’s Royal Warrant.
Following all the formalities, a grand buffet lunch was laid on by the contractors ESS under the capable supervision of Mr David Bullimore who is the Officers’ Mess Manager at Remount Barracks.
This was an exceptionally successful day to remember and we can only hope that our successors will replicate something on an even grander style in the next century.

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