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  In memorial
One of the ways we can show support for our four legged veterans is to ensure they have a small memorial. AWAMO in conjunction with Talkingstones have provided several headstones for our veteran dogs.
Police Dog York after several years of service in Australia had been transferred to the PNG Police to support the every growing fight against terrorism. Sadly after 5 years’ service there York died. In Queensland the QPS have a memorial honouring all the animals that have served over the past 150 years of service.
Officers from the Mounted Branch and Dog Sections therefore have somewhere to honour their four legged comrades when they pass. Alas there was no grave marking for York’s service in PNG.
AWAMO stepped forward and paid for a memorial stone to be placed at PNG Police headquarters. Thank you for your service York.
  been spent on active duty in Afghanistan (equivalent to 14 human years!). In addition to their primary role, the dogs were also a reminder of home for deployed soldiers. Joe put smiles on faces in a place that was in desperate need of more smiles. Joe has recently reached retirement age (9 years) and has come to live with his handler for a well-earned rest. He is still fit, healthy and happy and is expected to live to between 12-14 years, so they have the chance to spend up to five more years together. AWAMO is proud to support Joe via fiscal aid and dog food. AWAMO remains committed to provide funds to Veteran Service dogs – as the Government does not. Joe thank you for your service.
AWAMO recently donated and food and other items to another retired service dog from the RAAF. As described by her handler: Zuri and I first met in August 2010 and we would go on to become a Military Working Dog Team. After successfully surviving basic course together we were posted to RAAF Base Edinburgh. Zuri was lucky enough to be part of a few exercises and dog displays during her time there. Unfortunately as she got a bit older she showed signs of a lame leg and was eventually diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Due to the strenuous activities carried out by our Military Working Dogs she could no longer serve her country. Luckily her injury was on the lower scale so she has still been able to live out a happy life at home. She will be 10 this year in October and although she is slowing down she
hasn’t lost any of her drive to play with her favorite toys and enjoys the quieter life now. Thank you Zuri for your service.
AWAMO recently donated food and other items to another retired service dog from the RAAF. Zephir served as an RAAF MWD. He now lives with handler Melissa and her family. Zephir is slowing down. Unfortunately he has done the cruciate ligament in one of his back legs so he has to be watched with what activity he does closely. Aside from that he is well. Melissa’s words – “He is on Blackhawk food already so this food donation is fantastic.
Zephir thank you for your service.
CAD = Combat Assault Dog SOTG = Special Operations Task Group
AWAMO = Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation
PNG = Papa New Guinea
 Emergency Service Dogs
In 2018 AWAMO began assisting veteran Police dogs as part of this same project.
The Australian War Animal Memorial Organization (AWAMO) has been donating money for several years to Veteran Military Dogs- who after retiring get no fiscal aid from the Government. This year we have included for the first time our Emergency Service Dogs.
PD Homer 270 Queensland Police Service- Firearms & Explosive Detection Dog (FEDD). Homer commenced his course in April 2009. After 14 odd weeks of intensive training FEDD Homer graduated from the QPS Academy, Oxley. Homer had two handlers during his 8-year career and for security reasons of those officers still serving I will not mention their names. Homer spent his operational years protecting a long list of dignitaries (including royalty), located numerous firearms and explosives in illegal hands, and responded to almost ever dangerous bomb related incident in Queensland. With the 2018 Commonwealth Games approaching in 2017 it was decided to train several FEDD handlers with young dogs to cope with the massive work
load projected. Homer was keen and eager to go on but the body was not so willing.
He retired to a local family whose has previously taken on retired police dogs, including Homer’s great-great-great- great-grandfather Buster, and has made himself at home over the past 2 years. AWAMO is happy to donate some finance and food to PD Homer- he has served our community and saved lives by his location of dangerous items over the years. We hope he lives many more years in comfort. Thanks for your service Homer.

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