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The RAVC Calendar for the remainder of 2019 can be found further in this issue of Chiron Calling. The events listed below are reproduced to remind members of the closing dates for returns which are normally 14 days prior to the event, unless specified. Payments must be made with reservations. All cheques are to be made out to ‘RAVC Central Fund’. Further information and return proformas can also be found on the RAVC Association website, under ‘Events’. We can also accept bank payment for functions, but those wishing to use this method are requested to contact the Regimental Secretary in the first place to obtain the bank details.
RAVC Council Meetings
The next RAVC Council Meetings will be held at the DATR, Remount Barracks, in Melton Mowbray on Fri 22 Nov 2019. The meetings will commence at 1030 hrs and are in the following order:
a. The RAVC Corps Council.
b. The RAVC Welfare & Benevolent Fund.
c. The RAVC Officers Club.
Separate instructions for members of each of the above
committee will be sent out by the Regimental Secretary nearer the date.
RAVC Officers’ Club Dinner and CVRO Study Day
At The RHQ Officers’ Mess in Camberley Thu 23 May 19
The RAVC Officers’ Club Dinner will be held at the RHQ Officers’
Mess in Camberley on Thu 23 May 19.
The Dinner will be preceded, during the day, by a CVRO Study
Day in Camberley. Further details are being sent out separately. This annual Officers’ Club dinner is open to serving and retired Officers and entitled members of the RAVC Association. Spouses and guests are also welcome. As this is a subsidised function, the cost of the dinner is £35 per person. If you wish to attend this dinner please contact the Regt Sec or visit the RAVC Association website. Cheques are to be made out to ‘RAVC Central Fund’. Bank payment can also be accepted, but please contact the Regt
Sec for details.
Timings: 1915 hrs for 1945 hrs - Reception drinks
Dress: Serving Officers - Mess Dress and miniature medals.
Retired Officers, Guests: Black Tie with miniatures. Ladies: Evening Dress or Cocktail Dress
Please contact the Regt Sec if you need more information.
RAVC Association Committee of Management Meetings
The next RAVC Association Committee of Management meeting will be held at the DATR on Saturday 22nd Jun 19. Further instructions will be sent out to Committee Members by the Regimental Secretary.
RAVC Annual Reunion Sat 22 Jun 19
(please note new date)
As agreed at the RAVC Association AGM at Melton Mowbray on 28 July 2018, the 2019 RAVC Association Reunion will be held at the Defence Animal Training Regiment, Remount Barracks, Melton Mowbray on Saturday 22nd June 2019. The event will include the following:
a. 1500 hrs - Association Committee of Management Meeting. b. 1650 hrs - Memorial Parade and Service.
c. 1800 hrs - Association Annual General Meeting.
d. 1830 hrs - RAVC Officers’ Club AGM.
e. 1845 hrs - CVRO open discussion – all invited.
f. 1930 hrs - Annual Reunion Dinner.
RAVC Morning Service –
Royal Hospital Chelsea on Sun 7 Jul 19
The RAVC Morning Service at the Royal Hospital Chelsea will be held on Sunday 7 July 2019. There is a parade at 1030 hrs, followed by the Royal Hospital Sunday Service at 1100 hrs.
A Curry lunch will be served following the service at a cost of £10 pp. (£5 for serving RAVC pers)
Those interested in attending the Service and Curry Lunch are to contact the Regimental Secretary. Further details and a return proforma can be found on the RAVC Association website. Cheques are to be made out to ‘RAVC Central Fund’.
Defence Animal Training Regiment
Open Day on Sat 20 July 19
The DATR Open Day will be held at Remount Barracks, Melton Mowbray on Saturday 20 July 2019. This event is open to the public and provides everyone with an opportunity to view the departments within the DATR. There will also be the usual displays, refreshments and stalls. Further details will be published on the RAVC Association Website nearer the date.
Field of Remembrance Thu 7 Nov 19
The Field of Remembrance will be commemorated at Westminster Abbey on Thursday 7 November 2019 at 1030 hrs. As this is a ticket only attendance, those wishing to attend this event are to forward their names to the Regimental Secretary by Friday 5 July 2019.
Remembrance Service & Cenotaph Parade Sun 10 Nov 19
The above event will take place on Sunday 10 November 2019. Owing to the security arrangements for the day, members wishing to attend are to forward their names to the Regimental Secretary by Friday 5 July 2019 at the latest. Please contact the Regt Sec or see the Association website for further information.
Thu 23 May Sat 22 Jun
Mon 25 Jun Sun 07 Jul Sat 20 Jul Mon 9 Sep TBC
Thu 7 Nov Sun 10 Nov
TBC Nov Fri 22 Nov
CVRO Study Day
RAVC Officers’ Club Dinner – Camberley
RAVC Association Reunion – Service 1650 hrs. Dinner 1930 hrs
RAVC Mgmt Ctee Meeting 1500 hrs. RAVC Assoc AGM 1800 hrs
RAVC Offrs Club AGM 1830 hrs.CVRO Fireside Discussion 1845 hrs
224th Anniversary of John Shipp Day (Formation of the RAVC)
RAVC Association Morning Service & Curry Lunch at Royal Hospital, Chelsea
Defence Animal Training Centre Open Day – Melton Mowbray
Closing date for articles for Chiron Calling – Autumn/Winter 19 Edition
Commander’s Challenge Shield Competition – North Luffenham
Field of Remembrance Service – Westminster Abbey London
Remembrance Service and Cenotaph Parade – London
Animals in War Memorial Service – London (TBC) RAVC Council Meeting – Camberley
The RAVC Association website can be viewed at : ravc-
Members and readers will be able to keep themselves up to date with Corps matters and will also be able to send their attendance returns for functions direct to the Regimental Secretary.
Minutes of meetings will be posted on the website for members to read.
The photo gallery is updated periodically to show recent activities taking place around RAVC units.
A copy of the latest edition of Chiron Calling can also be accessed on the website.
The RAVC Association has a Branch known as the Melton Branch, which is based in Melton Mowbray. All those who have served in the RAVC are automatically life members of the association, and all those who have either served with the RAVC or are friends of the RAVC are also entitled to become Associate members of the RAVC Association.
Unless you have previously contributed to Regimental Subscription while serving, there is a ‘one off’ membership joining fee of £15 for those wishing to join. The Association Branch meets periodically either at the DATR WOs’ and Sgts’ Mess,

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