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 RAVC Association Reunion Weekend – 28 July 2018
For ease of administration and to save everyone the encumbrance of planning yet another event in our busy calendar year, the RAVC Association Chairman, Lt Col (Retd) Chris Ham and his committee decided to bring the RAVC Association Reunion forward to Saturday 28 July 2018, which was the day following the Centenary Parade in Melton on Friday 27 July. Whereas Friday 27 July was a bright sunny and very hot day with temperatures in the 30s, Saturday 28 July proved to be a contrast, with a heavy downpour in the afternoon and a temperature of only 17c. So, as the marquée was already set up in the gymnasium at Remount Barracks, a swift command decision was made to bring the annual service indoors.
Revd Brian Nichol performed his usual magic and delivered a brilliant Service. The Service was followed by the usual Association AGM, then the Officers’ Club AGM prior to the CVRO’s fireside discussion with the troops. The Reunion Supper in the form of a hot and cold buffet was attended by 200 serving, Association members and guests. The Mess Manager, Mr David Bullimore and his team laid on a superb supper for the occasion and we would like to echo our gratitude for their outstanding service. We are indeed very fortunate to have David Bullimore as the Mess Manager at the DATR, his generosity and always positive attitude to all our challenges is always appreciated.
   IMPACT Working Dog Conference By LCpl Binns
I attended the annual IMPACT Working Dog Conference which was held on the 19th and 20th of October 2018 at the Tally Ho Conference & Banqueting center in Birmingham. Now in its fourth year of running, the seminar’s goal was to bring hundreds of dog professionals together and offer an intimate setting for them to discuss, digest and share ideas over the way in which we train and develop their working dogs. The event also offered an environment where trainers could learn new ideas to make a positive IMPACT on their training methods.
The speakers this year included:
• Al Bunyan - Dogs Trust Senior Canine Training and Behaviour
• Tobias Gustavsson -
Scandinavian Working Dog
• Simon Prins - Netherlands
Police Force
• Kamal Fernandez -
Professional dog trainer and
sports dog coach
• Neil Losada - Principal trainer
and behaviour specialist at
Best Behaviour K9
• Sophie Gent - Managing
director of Sync Thermology The speakers’ presentations touched on many interesting points including; clicker / marker training, the four quadrants of Operant conditioning, obedience, tracking, scent work, indication training, the use of modern technology within working dogs and new veterinary imaging to help locate injuries quicker. The event also gave the opportunity to interact and share training tips with many other dog trainers within different professions with West Midlands Police, Ministry of Defence Police, Fire & Rescue, private security dog handlers and sport dog trainers from Europe to name a few. Also, in attendance were ex RAVC and RAF members whose passion for working dogs continues. This was evident as many have started their own working dog companies or continue to pass on their knowledge to dog owners all
around the country.
IMPACT returns next year on the
4th and 5th October 2019 with tickets on sale now with speakers yet to be confirmed.

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