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Pte Michael White 101 MWD Sqn
As a Reserve dog handler from 101 MWD Sqn based at North Luffenham I was fortunate enough to deploy on Exercise Green Dragon during June 2018 at Dartmoor. Along with three Regular handlers and their MWD from 102 Sqn.
We were all attached to the Commando Logistics Regiment and elements of 42 Royal Marines Commando on an exercise lasting 10 days.
During the exercise I was the handler of MWD Elvis, a Protection dog, loaned from the Regular MWD Sqn. The exercise involved the four RAVC handlers rotating on a constant standby to support the Quick Reaction Force. Some of the taskings that we undertook were public order based; we also completed clearance patrols, static sentry and patrolling sentry with our highly trained Protection dogs.
We also worked with the Jackal and Mortar Troops from 42 Commando which gave us an insight to the military platform or vehicles we could be deployed alongside.
As part of the exercise we were also able to inform senior officers, and explain the various classifications of working dogs and capabilities of MWD and how working dogs can be integrated to achieve the commander’s desired effect in various military scenarios.
We found the whole exercise most beneficial, as it gave us the opportunity to learn and integrate with other elements of 1MWD Regt and the Royal Marines. I consider myself very fortunate and privileged as a reservist.
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