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 DATR Adventure Training in Cornwall – August 2018
So, its Summer 2018!, we had a few things to look forward to, firstly the centenary parade through Melton Mowbray followed by the RAVC reunion. For me, I was looking forward for 2 weeks adventure training. As I’m from the west country I was excited to hear we were off to Cornwall as I spent many summer holidays there as a child and it is such a beautiful part of the country. Also, I haven’t had a proper Cornish pasty in about 15 years.
I was told I’d be going to help the mountain bike instructor by shadowing him and then bringing on my skills also before I go on to do my adventurous training leadership qualification. As I enjoy mountain biking I took one of my own bikes which survived the journey with some of DATR’s finest drivers. After arriving at RAF St Mawgan we were shown to our accommodation which was better than I expected, we all had the necessary briefs and were put into groups then had time to relax before
Cpl Ian Wiliams
the week’s activities. The activities were surfing, coasteering, hill walking, rock climbing and of course mountain biking. Our first stop on the following day would be Cardinham woods which is a forestry commission owned and maintained cycle route, we had our first group and once we had sized up the bikes we were off. I stayed at the back on the first day to learn the routes, so I could lead on other days. The route had a good mix of uphill and downhill sections along with some technical sections which would test the riders. This took about an hour, by that time everyone had earnt a quick tea break, then it was off to Bodmin to have a gentle pedal along the camel trail to the fishing town of Padstow. I did this ride once and soon realised I had a similar experience watching paint dry and doing Military Annual Test 5 with Sgt Doble.
The first week flew by with everyone enjoying themselves thoroughly with no injuries. The second week started with
the same briefs and group allocation. The weather though was not on our side the second week and the routes became more slippery as the week went on. This week would not go as smoothly as the first due to myself and Sgt Lockhart seeing more of Cornwall than we’d hoped, including the Royal Cornwall Hospital. Sgt Lockhart showed so much aggression in her ride and really threw herself at every obstacle and challenge, this included a tree, a rock and the floor which resulted in a few cuts and bruises. 2 weeks and only 1 injury was acceptable. I was glad and very appreciative of having the chance to go for 2 weeks and bring on not only my riding skills but also to complete some instructing away from the usual classroom environment. I now look forward to completing my own leadershipcourse and then on to the Lake District next year. Roll on summer of 2019.
The Not Forgotten Association Garden Party – Buckingham Palace
Various members of the RAVC past and present were invited to Buckingham Place on Thursday 3 June 2018 for a Garden Party by The Not Forgotten Association.
The Patron of this particular Garden Party was our Colonel in Chief HRH the Princess Royal. The Not Forgotten Association is a British Armed Forces registered charity for serving and ex-service men and women that operates throughout the United Kingdom.
Whilst major care is provided by the state, Ministry of Defence or other charity sources, the NFA provides extras that able-bodied people take for granted.
Major Chris Ham and Lt Henry Mosley attended in uniform, whilst Mr Roger Whittle, Secretary Melton Branch, Graeme Barlow, ex RAVC Dog Trainer and Damien Bush who served in the RAVC in the mid 90s as a VO and OC HK DASU RAVC.
Pictured are L –R Graeme Barlow, Major Chris Ham MBE RAVC and Roger Whittle.

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