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  We were becoming great friends with all the Gurkhas by now and practical jokes were being played from both sides.
Monday 7th May
10:00hrs Pick up. Visit to St Johns Residential Home where we met one or two elderly characters who had some interesting tales to tell.
2:00hrs Collected and off to the Lifeboat, a very interesting tour over a well-found vessel, the engine room was spotless. and the Bridge full of complicated wizardry. While we went off to The Occupation Museum, the quality of displays in the museum was without question one of the best and in pristine condition. The Gurkhas went for a RIB ride.
Tuesday 8th May
Trip to Herm
09:40hrs Both parties boarded the bus. Down to the harbour to board the vessel to Herm on a blustery cold windy day. Arrived at Herm to be met by our guide who had taken the trouble to find a scarlet windproof jacket. Our guide took us for a walk around Herm, pointing out many interesting sites. The Gurkhas were especially interested in Shell beach where they collected many specimens. We had lunch in the Mermaid Tavern, as a thank you the Gurkha Pipe Major played a lament, which was much appreciated by other guests and staff. We all took a look at the local shops. One of the Gurkhas had a Drone which he used to take photos of us all, Just before we boarded the Ferry. Back to our Hotel for Dinner with a much needed evening off.
Wednesday 9th May
Parade in Guernsey
09:00hrs Arrived early for the Liberation Parade. We were lined up and ready for the Big Parade. The nucleus of the parade was marched out brought to the
inspecting position then we were marched out past the inspecting officers where we were given the eyes left then eyes front, halted and did a right turn, open order, right dress, eyes front, then stood at ease. as the inspecting office approached we were brought to attention, remaining as such as the inspecting officer, carried out his duties, saying the odd word to most if not all. after which we were stood at ease, then easy. Once the parade had been inspected we were marched off into the church.
The service was well supported and very poignant, after which we were allowed to mingle with the Liberation Celebrations. Making our way to the Moores Hotel where a local dignitary gave a quick welcoming speech then we had a Curry lunch.
15:00hrs Collected then dropped off at the hotel.
17:00hrs Early dinner.
18:00hrs Picked up and taken to the Festival Hall, once again there wasn’t a spare seat in the house. We were entertained by what I presume was the local choir, with supporting conductors and instrumentalists, all of a very high standard, spoilt or enhanced by two Chelsea Pensioners on stage singing some of the old wartime melodies. We had to leave before the last song to join our transport at 21:00hrs to go to The GYC for drinkies and fireworks. After the fireworks, we were picked up at 22:30hrs (counted on) and driven back to our hotel.
Thursday 10th May
Trip to sark and Little Sark
09:10hrs Picked up and taken down to the interisland ferry. where we accompanied the Bailiff as guests of the RBL to Sark. Much to any Cavalarymen’s delight, we met up with some of the sturdy Equine workers on Sark. These beasts didn’t
falter and were in fine fettle, a credit to their ostlers. I’ felt sure they could have navigated their way around Sark without the aid of the person on the end of the reins. The Piper played a lament on top of a knoll on Little Sark, which I’m sure could have been heard on Guernsey due to the prevailing wind. Back up the hill and into the chocolate factory, I don’t think they had been warned they had a contingent of chocolate connoisseurs from The Royal Hospital. The sample tray was lightened by our visit. Back on the faithful two-wheeled unsprung carts, and on to the school, where we met the children, parents and teachers, the Gurkhas found great delight as it reminded them of their mountain to schools back home. Displays were put on by the Pipers and the Gurkhas who did a national dance as well as a Kukri dance which they later taught the children to do with School Rulers. We visited the Fire/Ambulance station where we viewed the fire appliances and the strangest Ambulance ever seen . With sadness, we departed Sark at 17:00hrs
Friday 11th May
Last day
All packed and ready to carry out the last visit to the Bailiffs Chambers.
09:15hrs Collected us from the Hotel (luggage to be kept on the coach)
Reaching the steps of the Bailiffs Chambers we were ushered in by the Bailiff himself. shown into the courtroom and given a very enlightening talk by the Bailiff once more no questions were left unanswered. Pickup from the Bailiffs Chambers and whistled over to the GYC for the last meal on the Island, we thanked our guests and boarded the last coach run to the Condor ferry.
16:25hrs Depart Guernsey, one or two were in the land of Nod catching up with lost sleep. It was still light when we docked at 19:25hrs, to catch the last coach back to The Royal Hospital.
Whenever we said goodbye to and friends or hosts there was always a big cheer and exchange of wall plaques, or gifts each way. Never more than our dear friends The Gurkhas.
I would never hesitate to volunteer for this trip again but like all the others, I would stand back in favour of someone else going who have never been. The only sad part was, I missed the Rugby match between Guernsey and Jersey which is apparently a match well worth watching as they’ve been rivals for many years.
A big thank you to Mr Rob Grant without whom the whole trip would not have happened. Thank you to all the Organisers, Patrons, Hotel & Staff, RGL, GYC, and Condor Ferry Co. A special thank’s to all the Gurkhas who treated us with so much respect. A very special thank you to our Capt of Invalids, Col. J. Low. and his good Lady, who’s pride showed on both their faces, many times.
If I have failed to mention you here, I beg your forgiveness. Thank you one and all.

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