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 Obituary – Fire IE3D 22 Feb 2008 – 2 Jun 2018
Fire, an IE3D dog born and trained in the US, was badly injured whilst indicating on an IED in Dec 2011 in Afghanistan. However due to the high quality treatment received from military veterinary and medical personnel she made a great recovery, but she was unfit for further military service.
She ‘retired’ in Sep 2012, but had a very full and active life. She was a very inquisitive dog who loved meeting people (every human was a potential source of treats or balls!). Fire used to wander the corridors of Robertson House in Camberley if she was bored, and behaved similarly when she moved to Cardiff, always seeking out those who might be a source of food or entertainment. She was also a frequent visitor to Belgravia House, home of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London, where she had a favourite toy on each floor.
A drawing by artist Kelly Whitelaw in Apr 2018, after she’d been diagnosed with terminal cancer
In 2014 she took part in the award ceremony for the posthumous PDSA Dickin Medal awarded to Sasha. Later that year she was asked to take part in the first Invictus Games, as the Team GB mascot, and met Prince Harry on a couple of occasions. She showed her unflappable nature whilst being interviewed during the Opening Ceremony by Clare Balding live on The One Show, ignoring the loud military band and gunfire.
In she featured in Kate Humble’s book, A Friend for Life, despite what she did when visiting her house.
Sadly she was diagnosed with dissociated histiocytic sarcoma in January this year; she responded very well to medication, but this was only ever going to be palliative. She passed away in June, but will always be a very special dog.
Watching the Celebratory Wheelchair Rugby at the Copperbox during the Invictus Games, desperately wanting to join in!
Chief Veterinary Officer’s Foreword
By Colonel N C Smith QHVS BVetMed MSc MDA MA FRCVS
 The RAVC’s Centenary Year is going well, the highlights so far being the Dinner hosted by our Colonel-in-Chief at St James’ Palace in May and the Parade through Melton Mowbray in July. This was an opportunity for us to exercise of Freedom of Entry into the Borough, and everyone involved and who turned out really made us appreciate their efforts and the strong relationship we have with Melton. It also saw me on the back of a horse for the first time in 28 years!
On the actual anniversary, 27 November, we have more special events planned, and they will be reported in the Spring 2019 edition. We are also proud to be featured in this year’s Festival of Remembrance at the Albert Hall, which will
also be marking 100 years after the end of the First World War.
This edition of Chiron Calling has a great range of articles, and feature Regular, Reserve and retired authors from Private to Colonel. I always find the historical pieces fascinating. The breadth of content makes it an interesting and informative read, and I’m confident you will learn something new. But we are always looking for contributions, so please get writing!
A big thank you to the editor and editorial team for another very professional Corps magazine, and one that properly acknowledges both our history and our current activities and personnel.

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