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Mess, Remount Barracks, Melton Mowbray, courtesy of the Corps RSM.
Anyone wishing to join the Association or who would like to attend the monthly meeting are most welcomed.
More information can be found on the website: ravc-
Further information can also be obtained through the Branch Secretary; Mr Roger Whittle: Email: roger.whittle.13@btinternet. com
Chiron Calling
Chiron Calling can now be accessed on line, via the RAVC Association website. We are currently undergoing an exercise to reduce the number of hard copies being sent to all members as this is proving costly with the increasing cost of postage and packing. If you fail to receive the next copy of Chiron Calling, you are advised to visit the website to read the latest and recent editions. See:
Please note the date for the RAVC Reunion for 2019 will be on Saturday 22 June 2019. This was agreed at the AGM on 27 July 18 and is designed to reduce the workload for the DATR and 1 MWD Regt and also to celebrate the Reunion closer to the John Shipp Day on 25 June, which is recognised as the day of the formation of the Corps.
Owing to problems encountered in downloading some materiel and images through the MODNet system, all future articles for Chiron Calling are to be sent to the Regt Sec’s standalone system:
Educate includes information from nursery and pre-school
to university and educational holidays; available to you in print and online.
To receive copies or a link to an online version contact Jodie...
01536 317000
         nursery & pre-school
     preparatory & primary
           boarding & day
adult education
educational holiday
special needs
             Photos by Geoff Marston
     subject to discuss with your
Although your child might have little interest in social media, online gaming
can lead to talking to strangers online. If possible, disconnect your child’s games console from the internet so that they cannot play with people they do not know.
children, but online safety is essential in this technology driven era. When discussing online safety, you should aim to inform your children rather than scare them with stories we hear in the press. A good place to start
is to ask them which social networks they use/would like to use and if they know how to make their profiles private. It is important to ensure that your child’s social profiles are private so that strangers cannot see pictures of them or what they post about. Most social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr have an age restriction in place so your child must be at least 13 to join.
A lot of information is requested on sites such as Facebook and they ask for details such as your hometown, school, mobile number, Birthday, nicknames and films/tv series that you want to watch. Filling out this information is not essential so try to discourage your children from filling this out as it makes it easier for someone to create a fake account with, what seems like, the same things in common.
You should also make certain that your child is not friends with people that they do
While it may seem tempting to ban your child from social media completely, it is not a viable option as your child may be pressured into creating a profile when with friends etc. It is better to have an open discussion with your children about social media as they
are more likely to come to you with any problems they incur online than if they know they will get in trouble for having a profile
as they are more likely to keep problems to themselves. You should also discuss with your children how to block people or report pictures/comments that people post if they feel they are harmful. This should make
them feel more comfortable and that they do not need to see things that are upsetting to them.
Web safe? discussing online safety with your child
It may seem a daunting
not know on social media. Even if they have a friend that is talking to someone online, this does not mean that they are your child’s friend and should be avoided.
For more advice on discussing online safety, information can be found at www. children-safe/online-safety/
Beth Cowan

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