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 The Chillington Tool Company
A British Company with over 100 years’ experience in the forging of high quality digging gardening tools
really enjoyed playing the game, and hope that you do really well with it.” HUGH FEARNLEY WHITTINGSTALL’S RIVER COTTAGE
The Chillington Range of Hoes and Garden Tools can GOOD now be purchased online at LIFE
woodEn Playing PiEcEs
For a free colour brochure please call one of our friendly Sales Team on 01902 826826
EvEr wantEd to go sElf-sufficiEnt?
HErE’s your cHancE to givE it a try!
Fun, easy to play, award-winning family boardgame
Use your wheelbarrow to move around the board to collect fruit, veg,
pigs and chickens.
The winner is the first to fill their garden and allotment. Seems simple. It is. But the ‘Green Fingers’ cards turn up
unexpected twists and turns...
So you’ll have to protect your chickens from foxes, sell your crops and livestock at the village fair and avoid drought, bird flu,
and your animals escaping.
Now, are you ready for ‘The Good Life’? Enter ‘Allotment100’ at the checkout, to qualify for your 10% discount.
This card entitles the bearer to rent an allotment for 3 haybales. You are only allowed 1 allotment, but can offer this card to the
highest bidder (accepting either haybales, crops or animals)
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