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Yorkshire and parts of Humberside
  The BBQ – Victory Garden Allotments, Leeds
 It was decided to have our annual BBQ despite one or two problems.
Slight problem number one was that we have been doing a lot of replacement
of old communal sheds; the BBQ area was quite a tip and there was not long to prepare it. It was decided to clear
the area, level off with topsoil (well
compressed) and put down turf so we could access the area reasonably quickly. There was no need to have worried as all went well, the turf had settled; we had 3 BBQs, one for the veggies – we cater for all.
Problem number two, we had fitted a sink in the communal shed but it was
not yet connected to the water supply, but we managed as all allotmenteers seem to do.
There were lots of yummy cakes, and as always, we had a great time. Eeee! Aren’t allotments great.
Phil Gomersall, Secretary
       Chairman presenting at the BBQ a trophy and certificate to Ken Duckels for the 'Best Half Plot' on site.
44 Allotment and Leisure Gardener

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