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        open days, once again raising money through selling surplus produce, and in fact we are now in a position to donate to various charities through our own fundraising efforts. Our shop, which was built (actually from Lottery funding) now brings in a small profit to help swell the funds and it includes recycled tools, wood chippings and manure. Reconditioned gardening tools such
as lawnmowers and strimmers are hired out for a small fee. When plots change hands, we ask the new tenants for donations for any assets left on site e.g. sheds and greenhouses. We have built an excellent toilet facility, and have plans to build another footbridge over the river.... all moneys raised being ploughed back into our Association and we do work hard at it!
Ahh, yes, I haven’t yet mentioned the fact that the site is situated within seven acres of pure paradise straddling a river where trout can be seen and Kingfishers nest in the willow lined river banks, and is also a safe haven for our
large population of slow worms... just showing off now!!!
I’ve known many different committee members, each bringing their own individual skills, but most recently as well as professional skills, we have
a Committee full of enthusiasm and energy (or is that me just feeling my age)?
Our Centenary celebrations have been driven mainly by them and started this year with our Association hosting a Regional meeting, ‘a very successful turnout’ according to our Regional Rep John McNabb. The local cub scouts have recently installed bat boxes around the site and we have just taken charge of a defibrillator, which will also benefit our surrounding neighbourhood. We have frequent visits from local schools, an educational ‘community’ area which is used by the local Brownies, Rainbows
We have built an excellent toilet facility, and have plans to build another footbridge over the river
and visiting cub groups. We recently gave a demo on reducing the use of plastics by creating wooden seed boxes from pallets. For the first time ever, we participated in our local Carnival with
a walking group and scooped up all
the prizes! And, at our big Centenary ‘Open Day’, our Town Mayor supported us in our celebrations. Fortunately,
our relationship with our Town Council has improved greatly over the years, and they were also more than happy
to support our Celebratory BBQ in August, both financially and in body with representatives attending from our District as well as Town Council.
We feel that we are blessed with one
of the most beautiful allotment sites in the country. Had those poor disgruntled tenants of a hundred years ago realised what a beautiful area they had been banished to, they may not have been so downhearted!
Lily Brownjohn, Allotment Secretary
         Allotment and Leisure Gardener 53

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