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Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire
Mr Ray How
5 Dalys Road, Rochford, Essex SS4 1RA
07720 719224
Carol Andrew
0845 250 0512
    Eastern Region Report
What an amazing summer and what a mixture of weather, sun, rain and more sun. The only thing that we have not had was snow but that will no doubt come. Crops have been fantastic this year.
During the summer I have visited various allotment associations, some for a good reason and others that have had problems – hopefully most have been resolved. I have also been involved in parish clerk and allotment officer training. This is always an eye-opener, listening to the different issues that they have but with a similar thread, which is trying to get the best for their allotment sites. This is not always easy with the financial restraints put upon everyone. Many Associations will be getting visits from Water Authorities inspecting their water supply and potential contamination/misuse of water. Having been involved in such a visit, I found that if you are honest with them, they are willing to help and advise the best way to deal with the problem.
In the Eastern Region we are hoping to get
a Cambridge County Panel formed, and any allotment association that would like to know more or get involved please contact me. Likewise, we would love to have a Norfolk County Panel as well. If you are interested, please contact me. Lastly as you know we are trying to run courses through Lantra. If there is anything that you would like NAS to arrange again, please contact me. Please support our region and help it grow stronger.
Ray How, Regional Rep Eastern Region
 Dates for your diary
Members are cordially invited to the Eastern Region Panel, Annual General Meeting to be held at the YMCA, Cambridge at 10.30am on 18th January 2020. For further information and an agenda please contact the Regional Secretary on
Members are cordially invited to the Essex County Body Quarterly Meeting to be held at the Billericay Reading Rooms at 10.30am on February 15th 2020. For further information and an agenda please contact the acting Secretary on
After the very successful Potato
Day in the chill of February, it was a pleasure to be at the Plant Heritage biannual plant fair in the grounds
of Helmingham Hall, home of Lord
and Lady Tollemache, in the heart of Suffolk. This was on 26th May and the weather looked good. This plant fair has blossomed over the years into a major plant and craft stall event, and many people attended. Unfortunately for us, most were looking for the pretty flowers, and our visitors were mainly people who already have allotments. That said, we did have a chat with some lovely plotters on a coach trip from Norwich, and also some from Essex. The weather began to deteriorate in the afternoon, so after a quick look around Lady T’s lovely garden, we decided to pack up – just as the rain came.
The following week on the 29th and 30th May saw us at the Suffolk Show
in Ipswich. The area of the stand was quite large, and we had two raised beds and a herb wheel. Vegetables were grown by Tim, our Chairman, in his greenhouse and the beds were tightly
planted with help from some Ipswich allotment holders. All the National Society posters and leaflets were on display, and there was plenty of room for people to have a look around and have a chat. We had many visitors over the two days and many conversations with people who were keen to talk about their own plot, thinking of taking on a plot, or had queries about pests and other problems. The most notable visitor on day one was a gentleman who said that he was a show judge, and if he were judging our stand, he would give it a higher award than the Silver Gilt that we received. The show that he judged? Chelsea Flower Show!
On the second day, we were visited
by Lord Gardiner, Under Secretary
of State for Rural Affairs, who was
very enthusiastic about how we are spreading the grow-your-own message. All in all, it was a very successful show. Will we be back next year for the Gold Award? You bet we will – but I think we’ll pass on Chelsea!
Pam Rushbrook, SSALG
Showtime for SSALG
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