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    Wokingham National Allotments Week Open Day
In conjunction with Wokingham Horticultural Association (WHA),
the Town Council held its seventh annual allotments open day at our Ormonde Road allotments site on Saturday 10th August 2019. This is in support of National Allotments Week, which promotes the many benefits of allotment gardening.
Due to the gale and intermittent squally rain, we had to move the event
from the car park to the WHA trading store. Everyone rallied around to make this happen and the twenty strong
No Strings Attached Ukelele Band squeezed in behind the counter! Despite the bad weather, several local residents interested in renting an allotment plot looked around the site.
Aldona is photographed with her prize- winning creature made from fruit along with Wokingham Town Mayor Cllr Lynn
Many thanks to all who helped
Forbes and Pauline MacBrayne from WHA.
Many thanks to all who helped organise the day and set it up – especially the excellent cake bakers!
Paul Smith, Amenities Officer, Wokingham Town Council
         Allotment and Leisure Gardener 63

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