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  year, and Paul the Pond has won the Best Allotment class from across
the 13 sites in Swansea three times. Today there is an active committee that manages the site; there are no ties with the Council, they just own the land. Self-management has brought many benefits in the ways of grants to
improve and progress. All the rent paid by the members is retained and out
of it we pay for insurance, water, and maintenance that may be needed. This is becoming the norm, certainly across Wales, as local authorities haven’t
got the time or resources to run their allotments. If I can be of help , or you
would like to know more about this style of self-management, please contact me; my details are above this article.
Happy gardening,
Peter Ryan, Wales Mentor
         Creigiau Allotments Open Day
I am pleased to say that it was a great success – despite competing with tennis, cricket and formula 1 on TV, we had plenty of visitors. There was a treasure hunt for children and refreshments, plants and produce for sale and we made a total of £200, with more people added to our waiting list. The photo shows most people enjoying the refreshments!
See what you missed - and the cakes were excellent ...
Lesley Sherwood
 Allotment and Leisure Gardener 71

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