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A day in the life of...
a property negotiator
As rare as hens teeth
• It’salwaysagoodideatoarriveattheofficeby 8.45am so that I can prepare for my day before the telephone starts ringing.
• I’llquicklychecktoseehowI’mperforming against my targets at this stage in the month and list my action plan for dealing with pending offers and forthcoming viewings for that day.
• Asit’sWednesday,I’llattendthemorningmeeting and contribute in a professional and enthusiastic way making it clear to my director what I intend to achieve for that day. Afterwards, as a team we’ll all personally view our latest instructions so that we have the inside knowledge to expertly sell them quickly and efficiently.
• 2pm–it’smyturnto‘covertheofficefloor'for the morning so I will greet every client with a smile and stand up to meet them as they enter the office. My intention will be to ask all the right questions and show the most fitting properties so that I ensure my clients leave me with a memorable experience.
• IwantthemtorememberMYNAME.
• IfIhavesomefreetimeintheafternoonIwill
need to manage my time efficiently.
• Iwanttodo1hourofcanvassinginmyfarming
• Iwanttoringaroundtomybuyersallofthenew
instructions that have arrived in the office that
• Iwillgivepositivefeedbackonmyviewingsfrom
yesterday to the vendors.
• I will post out and email full colour property
• I will generate some interest in the properties
selected for ‘open house’ for the forthcoming
• I will look at my list of vendors whom I’m
personally looking after and assess which ones areapproaching4weeksoldanddiscussaction plans with my director. I will ask for views and comments from my colleagues as to ways to generate the right offers and will take action.
• AsacompanyIknowthatwearekeento promote our people and our property via Facebook and Instagram so I will make an effort to post an appropriate blog that day.
• 6.30pm–attheendofmyday,Iwillreviewthe things that I have achieved to generate success for myself, my clients and for Henderson Connellan.
• Importantly,Iwillaskmyself,haveIfurtheredthe good reputation of my company in the eyes of the public.
• IfIhaveachievedandperformedwellIwillbe enthused and happy - ultimately enjoying my job and looking forward to my next day
• IwillaskmyselfhaveIbeenremarkabletoday? It's always nice to know how much commission I’ve also earned that day as my financial reward.
• WhatIdoknowisthatIhaven’tlookedatmy watch once and the day has just whizzed by!!
   Artists impressions of the proposed development
PRIME Building land for sale in Corby town centre.
Guide price £250000
Planning permission has been granted
for a split commercial / residential development to include approximately 1200 ft2 ground floor office space and 7 one and two bedroom apartments above .
This scheme would suit either an owner occupier enjoying an annual income from the apartments or maybe a specialist company working in the healthcare /special needs sector .
Henderson Connellan, Corby 01536 409717
Potter Learoyd commercial agents 01536 560400
Ground floor
      Example of apartment
Top 10 must-haves on buyers’ wish lists
The most popular keywords used by home-hunters searching on Rightmove are garage, annexe and acre*, with more unusual searches including castle, chapel and coach house
Industry experts say properties with an annexe are becoming more popular in the current market, and are in short supply making up just 2% of resale properties on Rightmove
The findings are based on Rightmove’s Keyword sort feature, which lets home hunters prioritise the properties in their search results that best suit their wish-lists
New Rightmove data reveals we’re a nation of car lovers, who also crave extra space either in the form of a building out the back or an acre of land.
Since it first launched back in May 2018, the three most popular search terms using Rightmove’s Keyword Sort feature have been garage, annexe, and acre.
This is a good depiction of a day in the life of one of our negotiators. If you feel that you could excel in a fast paced and exciting sales environment then please read our recruitment Ad to see if you will be writing your own blog for Henderson Connellan in the future.

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